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Sofia Richie reacts to Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian Reunion Talk – Hollywood Life

We now know what Sofia Richie really feels about fans who constantly beg her boyfriend Scott Disick and ex-Kourtney Kardashian to get together.

Sofia Richie, 20, fans can breathe a sigh of relief because she "does not feel threatened or jealous either when it's about fans asking Scott [[[[Disick]and Kourtney [[[[Kardashian]get back together. In fact, she perfectly understands where they are coming from and is not at all surprised by their reaction, "said a source close to the model. HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. This new development comes just days after fans asked 36-year-old Scott to join Kourtney, 40, via the comments section of his Instagram tribute for his daughter's birthday. Penelope, 7.

One fan said, "Penelope needs mom and dad together," and our source says that Sofia understands why so many fans feel that way. "Sofia knows that the relationship between Scott and Kourtney has lasted years in the public eye and on camera for millions of people. In addition to the fact that they have three children together, she understands why fans would like to see them come together. But Sofia is a very confident woman and also ensures that her relationship with Scott is more confidential, so that people do not have an idea of ​​what they look like as a couple. Sofia believes that if their relationship had the same visibility, the fans would also encourage them, "says our source.

Although this conversation between fans can put most people in danger, another source tells us that this is not true for Sofia. "Sofia is one of the most confident 20-year-olds you'll meet, so she does not worry about anything being said about Kourtney and Scott's return. She is friends with Kourtney and respects her both as a person and as a mother. She is in love with Scott and thinks that their relationship is strong and that he will not go astray with anyone – let alone his baby mom. Sofia is cool with everything, cool with all the chatter, because she knows that Scott is his and that will stay so forever. She is as far away from being worried or worried as one might be. She has better things to fear than things that will never happen, "says the insider.

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