SOLAR STORM WARNING: Earth is currently in the midst of solar winds | Science | New


The researchers claim that a dark spot appeared on the sun's atmosphere – called sunspot – releasing solar winds into the cosmos. Sunspots are patches of darkness on the sun caused by the underlying magnetism beneath the surface. However, sometimes this magnetism bubbles up and is released in the form of solar flares, which project cosmic particles into space.

Holes like this are common and researchers say that we are currently in a state of flux with solar particles, which will continue to collide with Earth today and tomorrow.

The shock of our planet and winds is likely to cause beautiful aurora borealis.

The Space Weather cosmic prediction site said, "Over the next two days, the Earth will experience a slight flow of solar wind flowing from a hole south of the sun's atmosphere.

"Observers of the Arctic sky can expect to see auroras – some very bright – because the Earth's magnetic field reacts to the agitated action of gaseous materials from the sun."

The aurora borealis – aurora borealis – and aurora borealis – aurora australis – are caused when solar particles strike the atmosphere.

When the magnetosphere is bombarded by solar winds, beautiful blue lights can appear when this layer of the atmosphere deflects the particles.

Most of the time, the Earth's magnetic field protects humans from the dam of radiation, but solar storms can affect satellite technologies.

Solar winds can heat the Earth's outer atmosphere, which makes it expand.

This can affect satellites in orbit, potentially resulting in a lack of GPS navigation, mobile phone signal and satellite TV such as Sky.

In addition, an influx of particles can cause high currents in the magnetosphere, which can result in higher than normal electrical voltage, resulting in transformer blowouts and power plants as well as a loss of power.

High amounts of radiation also make people vulnerable to cancer.

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