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Sony and Xiaomi join Light for their next multi-camera smartphone

When Light came out with his camera to 16 lenses, it seemed ridiculous to group as many devices in one and the same product. But now that flagship products, such as the Samsung Galaxy S10, bring cameras to three or even four cameras in one device, multi-camera smartphones are starting to look more like the norm.

You can expect to see more soon, because Light has announced that it will work with Sony and Xiaomi to develop more multi-purpose devices. In particular with Sony, Light is striving to incorporate its multiple camera network into Sony's image processing system to create applications that could benefit from this combination. Together, Light says it will help Sony smartphones install four or more cameras in its upcoming lineup. The details are less specific for the partnership between Light and Xiaomi, companies only noting that it will partner to bring digital SLR quality photos to smartphones.

In separate press releases, Light CEO Dave Grannan appears to be busy renting both companies, calling Sony "market leader" and Xiaomi "one of the smartphone makers. the most innovative ". With the new Nokia 9 with five cameras, it seems that Light will become the main partner of many multi-camera smartphones in the coming years. But as usual, it will take a software to determine which company makes the most of the goal, or if all this is rather complicated.

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