Sony Xperia L3 hands on the exam


Some devices presented at CMM are headers, realizing big things and attracting attention. Then come the low-end devices, using older technology to achieve a lower price, that many people will probably buy instead. This is where the Sony Xperia L3 fits.

The predecessor, the Sony Xperia L2, was a pretty disappointing device, but some important changes to the Xperia L3 could save it the same difficulties.

Sony Xperia L3 release date and price

In traditional Sony mode, we have no launch date for this phone, nor price for the moment. However, in April, we guessed a well-informed version of one publication, from one month to the next, and the result should be comparable to that of Layer 2, given the technology used .

That means we should see the L3 retail at around £ 200 / $ 249 (350 AU $) thanks to some specifications that have not been significantly improved.

Design and screen

The first thing you will notice when taking the Sony Xperia L3 is how light it is. At 153g, it certainly contains a lot less internal than the flagship phones offered at the MWC 2019, and the new rounded edges are nice to wear.

All keys are on the right side of the phone, the volume buttons are strangely placed below the recessed fingerprint reader in the center. This is well placed and allows your thumb to naturally fall on it.

Above is the small power key, and although they are oddly placed, all buttons are well placed in the correct location of the phone.

The Xperia L3 also offers a headphone jack and a USB-C connector, which will delight those who want to listen to music with wires (the audio quality of the music player is still pretty good, even if it is a bit light on the top built-in speaker), as well as wanting a faster charging scenario.

Speaking of the speaker, there is only one firing option at the bottom of the phone, which does not look astonishing. That's enough for the tasks you would like to perform on a cheaper phone.

The 5.7-inch screen is only 720p on the Xperia L3, and this is our biggest problem with this phone. Not only do you not get the full range of pixels that you could have on other phones, but the LCD is also a bit dark.

Looking at Venom's preloaded trailer on the L3, some of the more monochrome scenes were not as impressive and lacked strong light. In general, the color reproduction was not too bad on this phone, but it certainly lacked some pop … and it could have come with a higher resolution screen.

At least, the size of the screen is larger, you have a display in 18: 9 to display more content # – it's cool to see this technology that was new there is barely two years old. budget phones.

The Sony Xperia L3 will be available in three colors: gold, silver / gray and black. We can confirm that the colors have been used well, dear reader, oh, and that it will also have a microSD card slot next to the nanosim so that users can expand the memory up to 512 GB.

Camera and battery

The big claim of the Sony Xperia L3 lies in the camera, where a 13MP sensor is combined with a 2MP lens to detect depth. We tried to break some objects, but the bokeh quickly became confused.

Trying to take snapshots of people passing by (we were alone and did not want to ask anyone to pose) did not give good portrait shots – and the speed to try to look at them was low.

It must be said that this N3 is most likely a pre-production unit and that it could be improved as a slight stupid bokeh mode and the speed of viewing said photos. The MediaTek Helios P22 chipset inside is perhaps not the fastest in the market, but it should not be too much left over.

One of the most revealing aspects of using the Sony Xperia L3, in regards to its position in the market, is that the selfie camera tells you where to look, which instantly gives the appearance of a phone cheaper and simpler than the one used by these devices. who does not know how to take a selfie.

The battery life is 3300 mAh, which shows that Sony is trying to keep enough power on this phone to maintain the expected energy performance of the brand without affecting the design of the phone.

Will there be a quick charge or a wireless charge on board? It is very unlikely that the standard chipset to enable wireless extraction of your phone will not be placed in this handset, so do not start cutting your USB-C cables for the first time. ; moment.

Early verdict

The Sony Xperia L3 is a phone that, once again, relies on its price to sell. There is always a market for a reasonably priced phone, and if the last few years have been anything to go, if the Xperia L3 goes well, it could be something of a hit.

It depends, of course, whether you prefer to have the new smartest phone, or a phone that can do the job.

Overall, we are rather impressed by the offer of this budget phone, but the proof will be made in the exam to see if the battery is good too and if the display is less disappointing than the year last.

The rounded design still helps, but the Xperia L3 has to job quickly and responsively to get a decent score from us.

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