Soor is a beautiful Apple Music player with gesture navigation


Apple Music, introduced three years ago and significantly redesigned in iOS 10, is presented to iOS users under the Music App. For developers, Apple launched the MusicKit API in 2017 and, more recently, MusicKit on the Web, which allows websites to access your music library. This led to the introduction of Musish, an excellent Apple Music experience on the Web.

Today, Tanmay Sonawane, Indian UX developer and designer, presents Soor: a new iOS application that promises to replace the integrated Music application. It implements all Apple Music features available to third-party developers via the MusicKit API.

One of the main purposes of the application is to help the discovery, which according to the developer is too heavy in the native application of Apple. Soor solves this problem by displaying the trendy content and selected in the home screen of the application, which should lead you to try new music.

What drew the most attention to this application – that I use exclusively for listening to music for a week – is the beauty of the design and finishing of the user interface. In my opinion, it is better than Apple's own music app in this regard.

Soor also implements a new type of gesture that the developer calls "pull to reach." It's similar to dragging to refresh, but instead of refreshing the content on the screen, the new gesture moves from one command to another, lifting your finger from the screen, activating the highlighted button. I'm used to this new gesture and I think it's a good way to allow one-handed use on large devices such as my iPhone XS Max.

Another nice feature is the support of drag and drop in the application. The queue being played can be easily edited by dragging and dropping songs into the corresponding slots. Adding songs to a playlist is also easy. When a song is dragged, the drawer that appears contains a collection of your playlists. Just drop it in the playlist to update it. Watch the video below to see these features in action.

The application has some limitations compared to the Music application, all because of the limitations of the MusicKit API that it uses. You can not delete songs from your library, you can not rearrange them, delete songs from a playlist, or rename them, and the Friends feed is not available either.

But if you're an Apple Music subscriber and looking for a new way to enjoy your music on iOS, Soor is definitely a great option. With its beautiful and intuitive user interface, gestures and dark mode, it has become my must-have application for music.

Soor is available on the App Store for a one-time purchase of $ 9.99.

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