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Sounds Like Millie Bobby Brown has been added to THE ETERNALS

In which a STAR STRANGER THINGS goes to the MCU.

Variety has a glimpse of what to expect from Marvel at this year's CCSD, and is buried in this post is the following paragraph …

"Kevin Feige is expected to unveil his all-new franchises at the convention in late July." The main one of them is The eternals, A series on divine extraterrestrial beings to be adapted by independent director Chloé Zhao (The horseman) featuring Angelina Jolie, Kumail Nanjiani, Richard Madden and Strange things lead Millie Bobby Brown. "

… which seems to confirm something new: Millie Bobby Brown (who recently played in Mike Dougherty's ### Godzilla: the king of monsters and can currently be seen in the third season of Netflix Strange things) joins the cast of The eternals.

The variety no longer mentions Brown's role in the job, which means … well, it means that everything we talked about above is what we need to work on at this point.

A curious gesture is the least we can say! Strange things It's a big deal right now, and you'd think the cast of one of its biggest stars in a big Marvel movie would be worthy of its own ad. Was there any surprise intended to remain intact for the SDCC audience? Has this already been announced and everyone at BMD missed it? Has Brown's name been accidentally included? We have no idea, but the message has been online for some time (and, in fact, it has been aggregated by several geek friend sites, like the one you are currently reading), so if the information was inaccurate, we will assume a withdrawal or correction would have been made.

Anyway, weird it's the way we discover it, but here it is: it looks like Eleven is coming The eternalsand we will probably hear more about this project when CCSD starts next weekend. Stay tuned for this cover and sound below if you have anything to add here.

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