Source: 'Frustrated & # 39; Giants Landon Collins' thought he was going to get a contract & # 39;

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Landon Collins is "frustrated", according to an NFL source, the Giants do not seem to have the intention of giving him the lucrative, long-term contract he's looking for, and he remains unhappy that he will instead get the franchise label.

And that seems to be the source of the "LockerGate" controversy that erupted on Wednesday afternoon.

Collins may not have emptied his locker and bid farewell to his teammates, as reported by ESPN, but he expressed frustration over the status of his contract to several people. The 25-year-old security seemed to think the Giants were interested in at least discussing a long-term deal for this off season. But apparently, there have been no serious discussions.

"He thought he was going to get a contract," said a source who spoke to Collins about his situation. "He will not be happy if he gets the franchise etiquette, and it seems like it's going to happen."

The decision whether to use this label – estimated at $ 11.2 million for a year – has not been made, according to a team source. The window to use the franchise label opened Tuesday, but teams should not use it until March 5.

Collins' frustration at this uncertainty may have been at the root of a series of strange reports and events on Wednesday, starting with a report from Josina Anderson from ESPN That said, Collins "cleaned up his locker today on the team's premises and bid farewell to his teammates, coaches and coaches." It does not look like Collins is expecting to be a fixture. giant longer. "

Almost immediately after this report, a source said SNY Collins' locker was always full, and several other outlets reported the same thing. Several sources at the team also told SNY that Collins did not seem to have said "goodbye" after going to the center of the team for his rehab on Wednesday, and he also had not cleaned up his locker.

Even David Diehl, a broadcaster and former Giant, tweeted that he had seen Collins at the school and that the report was not true.

Anderson, however, kept his report, tweeting "Let's see if he'll come back to catch what's left in his locker in a moment." And she seemed to have the support of Collins himself, who responded to a tweet about the fact that his bin was full tweeting "The things I left in this bin are useless to me."

So it seems that Collins took home personal items – although he left personal belongings, said a source – because he probably will not return to the premises for some time. The Giants' off-season schedule can not begin until April 15 at the earliest, and Collins will probably not report it until his franchise agreement is signed – something he may not do right away.

Whatever it is, none of this really concerns what's left in his locker. It 's about knowing he' s left the institution thinking that he 'd never come back. Only Collins is certain, but a member of the team insisted that there was "nothing new" in his contractual situation and that the use of the sticker franchise was still topical.

And no, if the Giants use it, it will not please Collins. In November, he told SNY: "Honestly, I do not want to … Why would I want to play under a one-year contract? If something happens, I'm not not guaranteed, and even if it guarantees me a year, I'm still not guaranteed. "

He made it clear that he would not refuse to sign or hold on to it, that he would play it wrong because – as he reiterated the day after the end of the season – "I do not have a choice"

Notably, however, he also said, "I think we'll settle something before." But it seems increasingly clear that this will not happen.

The Giants could certainly use the franchise label on Collins as a placeholder until they can agree on a long term contract. But it is possible that they also decided not to give Collins so much money after a shoulder surgery or a safety measure.

Their intentions remain obscure. And although this option seems very unlikely, they could still choose not to use the label at all on Collins. If this is the case, he will be an unrestricted free agent on March 13th and he will probably get the contract he's looking for.

In the open market, Collins would likely get an agreement between $ 55 million and $ 60 million over five years, with a guarantee of about $ 20 million. The Giants, meanwhile, would be forced to try to replace it with a title coming from a lower financial level.

Then he should really empty everything out of his locker. Until then, he has left at least a few things behind because he is likely to return.

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