Sources – ChiSox and Jimenez agree to sign a contract of registration

Eloy Jimenez, future hope of the championships, has not yet played in the major leagues. He has signed a $ 43 million six-year contract with the Chicago White Sox, which includes two club options, sources close to the contract told ESPN.

The transaction was reported for the first time by ZDeportes in the Dominican Republic.

Jimenez, 22, is a right defensive player who should start the season at Triple-A. It is almost certain to start the year in the midst of White Sox training after signing a record deal. Previously, only two players already part of the organizations – Jon Singleton with Houston and Scott Kingery with Philadelphia – had signed a long-term contract without appearing in a major league match. Jimenez's $ 43 million guarantee nearly doubles the amount Kingery signed last year.

Jimenez's contract reflects the confidence Chicago has in its ability to become a star talent – and the cost of maintaining Jimenez as an independent agency before its 30th birthday, which options offer. If they are exercised, they will bring the sum of the Jimenez agreement to $ 77 million, according to sources.

Jimenez, ranked among the top five teams by consensus, has joined the White Sox as part of an exchange that sent out starter Jose Quintana to the Chicago Cubs in 2017. Between the two organizations, all that's going on. he has done is touched at all levels minor leagues. .311 / .359 / .519 with 65 circuits and 281 points produced in 408 matches.

The White Sox, however, opted for Triple-A this spring on the pretext that he needed work to be ready for the major leagues. The reality was clear if one did not speak: by sending Jimenez for about three weeks, the White Sox would ensure that he would not get a full year of service this season – and thus delay his independent status.

If Jimenez had not signed the contract, which is waiting for a physical contract, he would likely have obtained the status of free agent after the 2025 season. If both options are exercised, he will go free after the 2026 season. .

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