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South African woman testifies against ex-husband accused of murdering their 5 children

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UPDATE 10:29 PT – Tuesday, May 21, 2019

A woman from South Carolina testified against her ex-husband for the alleged murder of their five children. Amber Kyzer, in grief, went to the bar on Monday reading a letter to her daughter, who has passed away today:

"You, children, is my world and mom and dad have been very lucky to have you. Oh my God…"

Her ex-husband, Timothy Jones, was accused of killing their five young children in 2014, all aged 1 to 8 years old.

Tim Jones's ex-wife, Amber Kyzer, reacts to a photo of her son while she was interviewed by Suzanne Mayes, associate attorney for the 11th Circuit, during Tim Jones's visit to Columbia. South Carolina, Monday, May 20, 2019. Timothy Jones, Jr is accused of killing their 5 young children in 2014. Jones, who faces the death penalty, pleaded not guilty to insanity . (Tracy Glantz / The State via AP, Pool)

Prosecutors said the killings began when Jones, now six-year-old Nahtahn, became furious after apparently breaking a power outlet in their home. Jones confessed to forcing the child to exercise until exhaustion.

"I came to see him and he was not breathing anymore … my child died in my hands … they will think I murdered him … I do not know what happened to him, and all kinds of things start to happen trigger in my life. the head and the four others become a victim, "he explained.

The authorities said that he had strangled his other children with his bare hands and his belt. Jones allegedly wrapped plastic bodies and reportedly drove into the southeast for more than a week before leaving their bodies on a hill in Alabama. He was stopped in Mississippi at a traffic control post, when an officer acknowledged the persistent smell of rotting bodies.

Jones' defense lawyer is fighting for a plea of ​​insanity. His lawyer cited a family history of mental illness and said the defendant had undiagnosed schizophrenia. If convicted, Jones could be sentenced to death.

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