Space for the Eagles' salary: updated after the Brandon Graham expansion


The Eagles have signed what will likely be one of their biggest signing of the season off Friday, giving a three-year extension to their defensive team Brandon Graham.

Although the money is not yet cleared, a first NFL Network The report has set the deal at about $ 13 million per season for a total of $ 40 million over three years, a reasonable figure for Graham and the team.

Here's an overview of the Eagles' position after the Graham expansion:

NFL Salary Cap: The NFL salary cap is expected to be around $ 191 million, an increase of about $ 10 million from the 2018 season. It is unclear when the final figure will be announced.

Rollover Money: In the NFL, money that is not used during one season is transferred to another. The Eagles end the 2018 season with approximately $ 6 million in salary cap space, which will be added to the cap space for 2019 and will offer them a $ 197 million salary cap ($ 191 million salary cap plus $ 6 million turnover).

Current salary space:

According to, the Eagles currently record salary caps of around $ 189 million for their top 51 players for the 2019 season. With a cap of $ 197 million, the Eagles have about 6 to $ 8 million of salary space, depending on where the last salary cap comes in. The Eagles must be under the salary cap at the beginning of the league new year. , which will take place on March 13th. The structure of the Graham Agreement will go a long way in determining the space available to the team. Howie Roseman is a big supporter of back-loading chords. It would be surprising, therefore, that Graham's success in 2019 is actually $ 13 million. The amount is likely to be in the range of $ 5-6 million, which would eat away most of the Eagles' remaining capitalization.

Open more salary space:

Bringing Graham seems to be a good indication that another movement is freeing up space. The three candidates likely to be released or exchanged, or. Jason Peters, receiver Nelson Agholor and defenseman Timmy Jernigan are gone. Negotiating or releasing Agholor would release just over $ 9 million in salary cap space. Releasing Peters would release about $ 10 million, while passing Jernigan would release $ 7 million.


Decisions made by the Eagles during the off-season will shape franchise for years to come as they have a few free agents with whom they must decide what to do. Quarterback Carson Wentz could also apply for a new contract, which could significantly increase his $ 8 million cap that he should have for next season. When the time comes for the Eagles to start spending, it would be amazing that they do not work with about 25 to 30 million dollars in salary cap space.

Considering the holes that they have on their list, and the holes that they will create by cutting players to save money, open the salary cap space in the right way and then spending it for good players is going to be absolutely crucial.

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