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SpaceX plans to start selling high-speed Internet by the end of 2019 or early 2020

SpaceX has just obtained FCC approval to launch 4,425 satellites in the space in order to build a satellite network in low Earth orbit to sell home Internet a few weeks ago. Now, SpaceX has announced its intention to launch its first satellite series for the new Internet service later this week after the delay in its launch. Unlike today's satellite Internet, these devices will be placed in a much lower orbit and offer much faster speeds without the data caps used by current satellite systems.

This has raised questions about when you can get the new Broadband Internet from SpaceX. Now, according to some information, SpaceX plans to start selling high-speed Internet services by the end of 2019 or the beginning of 2020. According to this information, its entire global network will be operational in 2027, but parts of the network will be operational during next year.

The goal is for this new system to offer robust high-speed Internet, especially in developing countries and rural areas of developed countries like the United States. Although you may not have the habit of buying it if you have fiber optic internet access, this could bring real wireless internet options to Americans who have not currently no real option.

SpaceX has already launched several test satellites to prove that the system is working. Now they have permission to go ahead with a larger deployment of 4,425 satellites.

The system also promises to help relief workers who are currently spending hundreds of dollars a day for a 5 Mbps Internet connection. With this system, rescuers can access broadband Internet even in areas affected by a major disaster.

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