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SpaceX Starlink now available on May 23

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SpaceX plans to launch Starlink's delayed mission on May 23rd.

Igor Golovniov / SOPA Images / LightRocket via Getty Images

SpaceX's Elon Musk has announced a new launch date for his Starlink mission, with takeoff scheduled for 23 May.

The mission will send 60 satellites into orbit via a Falcon 9 payload bay to provide a fast broadband connection to the world.

The launch was delayed last week because of strong winds.

"We are standing up to update the satellite software and recheck everything again," SpaceX tweeted on May 16. "We always want to do everything we can on the ground to maximize the success of the mission."

The mission will now launch Thursday from Pad 40 in Florida, SpaceX tweeted Monday morning.

This launch will mark the beginning of a mega-stellation that could see more than 12,000 satellites orbiting the Earth, to provide high-speed broadband access worldwide.

The launch will be broadcast live on the homepage of the SpaceX webcast, with footage aired approximately 15 minutes prior to launch.

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