SpaceX Starship test flights will begin next week


Elon Musk confirmed that SpaceX was preparing to launch test flights from Starship, a spacecraft that, he hopes, will carry human civilization to Mars someday, as early as next week.

Starship test flights will begin soon

Elon Musk, founder of SpaceX, explained in detail how he planned to conduct test flights for Starship, the company's passenger ship, which he hopes will bring humans back on the road. Moon, then Mars.


According to Musk, the next test flight, the first of Starship, will be a "jump" that will take off the craft, but "barely". The trials will be held in Boca Chica, Texas, one of two venues where Starship and the Super Heavy rocket will be built.

Musk also indicated that he hoped to use both Boca Chica (Texas) and Cape Kennedy (Florida) as launch sites for sub-orbital test flights for Starship, provided they obtain the same information. regulatory approval.

The Starship test flight comes after the burst of the video on Twitter heat shield

This weekend, the focus was on the video that Musk posted on Twitter about the Starship Thermal Shield test – which he says he passed.

Progress on Starship has progressed gradually, even when design changes are introduced. Originally, Musk and SpaceX had hoped to cool down the whole windy side of Starship with the help of a refreshing transpirant cooling system, but it seems to limit this system to the areas that really need it.

This makes sense, since carrying a stainless steel spacecraft is quite heavy without all the extra fluid needed for the transpiratory heat shield.

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