Oh yes, and they also publish Oreo cookies on the theme "Game of Thrones"! Tony Spitz from Buzz60 has the details.

The signs of the popularity of "Game of Thrones" are hard to miss.

With Sunday's premiere of the last season of HBO's hit series, the "Game of Thrones" fever was detected on store shelves and in restaurant menus. The show is based on the popular books of George R.R. Martin.

There are Oreo cookies inspired by "GoT", a limited range of wines, whiskeys and Mountain Dew cans.

On the restaurant side, Buffalo Wild Wings, Shake Shack, Hooters, Wendy's and TGI Fridays have specials this Sunday.

Here is an overview of some limited edition items available while stocks last. Expect a lot to be hard to find and some promotions only concern the episode of April 14th.

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Because who needs friends? Tony Spitz from Buzz60 has the details.

Special products

Buffalo Wild Wings: Only for the first, the chain has a special Dragon Fire Wings. The sauce mixes ghost peppers and other peppers with soy and ginger sauces and the wings are topped with a jalapeño filling.

sirens: Only on Sunday, April 14, enter the promotional code "3EYEDOWL" when ordering from Hooters on Uber Eats and receive free shipping from 10 €. Some domestic customers who order Hooters from Uber Eats will also have the chance to receive a special golden wing in a treasure chest and will automatically earn free Hooters wings for a year with Uber Eats. Learn more at

Oreo: The limited edition "GoT" snacks feature four embossed cookie designs, highlighting the Big Houses still fighting for the Iron Throne and the enemy White Walkers behind the wall. They went on sale on April 8th.

Mountain Dew: These special Mountain Dew cans, which can not be purchased, have no visible markings and are glossy white in color. They are only available in Mountain Dew Iron ATMs in New York and Los Angeles through a promotion on social networks. When the blank boxes are cooled down, the names on the Arya victim list, including the characters who killed a part of his family, appear.

Shake Shack: The chain offers two special items at participating restaurants. The Dragonglass Shake will be available until May 19 across the country, with the exception of stadiums, baseball fields, transit centers and airports. But a special Burger Dracarys will only be available until April 21 in some Shacks restaurants, listed at

TGI Fridays: The new DroGo Big Rita, a strawberry margarita served on ice, starts at $ 10 and is part of the brand's new Go Big Cocktail menu.


Because all men … must eat.

Wendy's: The "inflamed contract" of the fast food chain will run until May 19 and is only available on Sundays by DoorDash. Get a free little Frosty at the purchase of a Spicy Chicken Sandwich Combo with the promo code HOUSEWENDYS on or on the DoorDash app. According to the fine print, the offer is limited to one redemption per account, on Sundays only.

Whiskey: Diageo Liquor giant has a special Johnnie Walker Blended Scotch Whiskey, called Johnnie Walker's The White Walker, and a collection of single malt Scotch.

Some wine: Yes, there is an official line of "Game of Thrones" wines, which debuted in 2017 when HBO teamed up with Vintage Wine Estates and winemaker Bob Cabral. There are four varieties available online and in some stores. Find outlets on

More special products: Smaller chains, local restaurants and bars mingle with the action and concoct special cocktails and menu items.

Contributing: Mike Snider and Zlati Meyer

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