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Samsung will host its Unpacked event in San Francisco in a few days, Feb. 20, to unveil its new flagship products. The Korean brand is expected to celebrate the 10th anniversary of its Galaxy S range by announcing not one, but several devices. There have been a lot of rumors about these phones since December, and although the wait is almost over, we wanted to give you a summary of what you can expect next week.

Starting with the Galaxy S8, Samsung has launched flagship products without glasses and has publicly mocked "notches" of its rivals. However, the company announced three new screen layouts in November, which led us to expect a perforated sign on the S10. This was confirmed by a first leak during which we saw an Infinity-O cutout at the top and a very thin speaker, which suggests that Samsung will not accept the audio at the same time. This year's screen.

Official FCC listings have confirmed that the new Galaxies will support wireless WiFi 6, Bluetooth LE, NFC, MST and reverse charging, so you can use your phone to power other devices. In addition, more recent images revealed that there would be at least three versions of the handset, all of which would retain their headphone jack, their IP68 water resistance rating and their Bixby button – yes, Samsung's balance some positive elements with a boring addition. Just like the latest flagship products from the manufacturer, the S10 should include a USB-C port, a heart rate monitor, the new One UI interface, as well as AKG headphones and a quick charger in the box. Finally, the S10 family should be powered by the Snapdragon 855 processor in the United States, while the version for the rest of the world will be run on the new Exynos 9820.

The press releases revealed several details about the design and functionality of the S10: the smartphone will integrate the fingerprint scanner under its curved-edge screen, will feature a single hole in the upper right corner and three rear cameras. As for the colors, they should be delivered in black, white and green Prism.

The specifications below are based on previous rumors, tweets from Max Weinbach from XDA and @UniverseIce, and a disclaimer shared by GSMArena. Although the details have not all been exactly the same in each of them, most converge on similar specifications that make sense in light of each other. The only difference is that the S10 was originally supposed to have a rear dual camera, while the latest information indicates that it should have three. We have updated the table below to reflect this change.

As usual, the "Plus" version is basically a larger and beefier variant of the usual flagship. This year is no exception: the S10 + will be almost identical to the S10, but with a larger screen and memory. However, it will have a larger puncture on its screen, which can accommodate a wide-angle shooter or a flight time sensor.

There have been rumors around a more powerful S10 +, which could be a 5G variant, as well as a luxury ceramic edition of the device. Although we are not certain of the details, we know that Samsung is planning a special version of the S10 +. The latter should have 5G connectivity, more memory and storage, and could even have a slightly larger screen. I advise you to consider the supposedly larger panel with caution, since the Ceramic model below seems to be the same size as the "Prism" device.

Finally, the Korean company will unveil a cheaper and less powerful phone for the budget, the Galaxy S10e. This phone will also have a perforated panel, but unlike that of its siblings, it will be flat and surrounded by thicker frames. In addition, the fingerprint reader is moved to the side instead of being on the screen, which is not necessarily unfortunate, because personally use the one on my S9 to display my notifications. We do not know if the S10e will be powered by the same processor as the main models, but we hope that Samsung will retain a powerful SoC even for its flagship product the cheapest.

Unless you hibernate for two months, you are aware that these devices will be announced on February 20th. If you can not wait to get your hands on a new Galaxy and live in the US, it's already possible to book yours on the Samsung website. Otherwise, pre-orders should be delivered the day after the announcement and deliveries will begin on March 8th. There is little information on these phones, but we are still curious if the manufacturer will also unveil a folding phone next week. The wait is coming to an end.

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