Spectrum is a new iOS camera app that uses AI to create beautiful, long exposures


The makers of Halide, a popular third-party iOS camera application offering advanced RAW shooting capabilities and other powerful tools, are now releasing another photography application: Spectrum. The spectrum costs $ 1.99 and comes with a great specialty: long exposures. Long exposures are very common in the world of DSLRs: they give a night city photo a much more artistic feel by creating streaks of light from passing cars. You can also do a long exposure to make a real impression of moving water to waterfalls or other scenes of nature. But on phones, long exposures have often been ignored: there is no way to capture a photo with the built-in camera of the iPhone or Google Pixel, for example. This can be done on Samsung, LG and other devices with manual photo mode.

But Specter is not just a long shutter speed: it uses artificial intelligence and digital photography to produce long, optimized exposures without the usual distractions. The app can completely remove the crowds from a scene, which will come in handy if you are photographing popular tourist spots. It can even empty the streets of cars in some scenarios. Watch the video below. In addition, the application automatically detects the evening scenes to create the desired light trails and can easily apply this effect of motion to the waterfall.

Spectrum addresses the fundamentals of long exposure in a slightly different way. Instead of opening the iPhone shutter for an extended time to attract light (and capture motion), it "takes hundreds of photos in a matter of seconds" and continuously optimize the exposure so that nothing is blown or total. darkness. The application uses auto learning for scene recognition, and the "AI Stabilization" allows 9 second handheld exposures. without the need for a tripod. It's a great pretense, but these people have already made the most of Apple cameras with Halide, so if anyone can do it … (You can use a tripod if you prefer, and in In this case, the application is smart enough to disable it … clean stabilization to avoid problems.)

An example from the developers of Spectrum.

Long exposures are recorded as live photos. So you can choose any image from the sequence as the main image or use the final result as live wallpaper on your device.

The creators of the app say that other modes will eventually come to Specter. They view it as a "calculation shutter", which will certainly go beyond long exposures over time. This price of $ 1.99 is just a launch offer that will increase shortly after launch. So, if you are a great photographer on the iPhone, you will probably want to jump on it today.

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