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Spider-Man 4: new screenshots of the game canceled

Wayne Dalton, environmental artist, recently shared a handful of screenshots from Spider-Man 4: the video game adaptation of the sequel to the film Sam Raimi canceled the same name. You must click on this link to view the images, as we do not have the right to share them in this article..

The game in question would have been developed by Radical Entertainment (the developers of The Simpsons: Hit & Run and the Prototype series). Dalton said there was no video footage of the game (at least not having access), but that its goal was to provide an advanced navigation system, enhanced by improved Web physics. It's also visually impressive in general (at least based on screenshots shared by Dalton).

What happened to the game is actually a two-part story. The first part deals with the film on which the game was to be based. From Sam Raimi Spider-Man 4 had to go into production around 2008 and come out around 2011. It is therefore logical that this game has followed a similar release schedule, but this has not been confirmed yet.

In any case, Sam Raimi Spider-Man 4 was finally canceled by Sony. The reports suggest that the cancellation may be related to disputes between Raimi and Sony regarding certain creative decisions, as well as Raimi's frustration with himself about the process of getting a perfect scenario.

As for the adaptation to the video game of Spider-Man 4, Radical Entertainment has finally incorporated most of the work done on the game in the development of Prototype 2. Although this game was not particularly well received, much of the praise it garnered was focused on its open design and physics, presumably enhanced by the work done on Spider-Man 4.

Interestingly, Marvel recently sent a cryptic tweet which seems to be a logo for Spider-Man 4. Although it's highly unlikely that this is related to this game (many people think it's an adaptation of Raimi's script in a comic book), it's fascinating to think that we're getting a lot more information about Spider-Man 4 in a short time.

We will keep you informed as soon as we hear more.

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