"Spider-Man: in the Spider-Verse" suite and spin-off in the work of Sony (Exclusive)


Is the tingling of Spider-Sense?

There are only a few weeks left before Sony unveils the fashionable animation film, Spider-Man: in the Spider-Verse, Sony Pictures Animation is already gathering the elements not only for a sequel, but also for a fallout.

Joaquim Dos Santos, known for his work on cartoon series Avatar the last master of the air and, more recently, Netflix software Voltron series, has been exploited to direct the sequel.

At the same time, Lauren Montgomery, who also worked on Voltron and co-directed animation films Batman: first year and Superman / Batman: Apocalypse for DC, is in negotiation to lead an untitled project focused on Spider that will bring together female heroes from the universe of Spider-Man characters in an adventure. Bek Smith, author of episodes of the CBS show zoo, will write the script.

Amy Pascal, producer on Spider worms as well as live movies, will return in the producer's chair for these projects. Phil Lord and Chris Miller, the brains behind Spider worms, should be creatively involved although no agreement has been reached. Avi Arad should also return to a certain extent.

The details of the sequel are not revealed but seeds were planted during the inaugural opening, in which the M├ętis character, Miles Morales, will occupy a central place.

For the all-female spinoffs, no intrigue details are posted on the web at this time, but look for the project focused on the fan favorite, Spider-Gwen. Spider-Woman, Lady Web, Spider-Girl and Silk are other possible contenders.

Sony takes full advantage of every aspect of Spider-Man possible. Venom, based on a nasty Spidey, broke box office records in October and has generated more than $ 822 million worldwide since it opened Oct. 5, including more than $ 211 million nationally.

In the spider worm opens on December 14 and is already creating a buzz as an award-winning animation player with its unique style.

And among the other projects in development, there is an article about the anti-hero Morbius vampire living with Jared Leto attached to Star.


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