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Mikel Arteta says football must be ‘very strict’ around Covid-19 protocols

Mikel Arteta has said football needs to be “very strict” around Covid-19 protocols, saying players “can’t let anyone down” in the face of rising infection rates in the game. The Premier League said this week that 40 club players and staff have tested positive in recent days, more than double the previous weekly high. The holiday season also brought some high-profile examples of players breaking national lockdown rules. Arsenal manager Arteta said footballers could not hope to get away with flouting restrictions and added that he and the club doctor are constantly reminding his team what they can and cannot do . “We have to be very strict,” Arteta said. “I think players, like any public figure, need to be more aware than anyone. There are a lot of people who don’t play by the rules. They’re out there, they don’t stand out and they can get away with it. “We are luckier than anyone because we are always in and around the players and we can still do our job and continue our professions. We have to keep in mind that everything we do has other consequences and that when others act, it doesn’t. “At the moment, we can’t let anyone down. We take risks to keep playing and we try to do the right things. People are sacrificing their lives to help society right now and what we have to do is contribute and not give the public or the government any more trouble to make a decision we don’t want. Arteta added that many of his players and staff are “worried” about the spread of the virus, but are constantly reminded of how lucky they are to be able to continue their professional lives. “We are suffering for everyone involved in different and difficult circumstances,” he said. “We cannot isolate ourselves from this. What we’re trying to do is try to keep infections as low as possible and follow all protocols. “The doctors do an incredible job of trying to maintain a safe environment for us. We have to try to keep pushing, not only to our players, but also to all the staff and everyone involved around the place, to be very aware of the difficulty of the situation we find ourselves in and how lucky we are. we have to keep doing what we do. “

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