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Spotify launches in India with on-demand reading for free users

Spotify launches into the second most populous country in the world this week. The company has quietly begun deploying its service in India earlier this week.

The launch of Spotify in India is a big problem: the company's streaming music service has long been lacking in the country and its main competitors, like Apple Music, are present in the country for a while. In addition, with local streaming music services in the country, the launch of Spotify in India will make the situation even more competitive.

Spotify offers an experience adapted to Indian culture. The service offers a wide variety of Bollywood-themed playlists of Indian film songs. The company also offers algorithmic reading lists based in cities. Constantly follow trends in major cities like Mumbai and Delhi. In the same vein as Bollywood, it will also offer new "Featured …" playlists with movie songs featuring some of the most popular actors. There will also be a number of other playlists that focus on local music.

However, one of the highlights of Spotify's Indian service is the ability to play each song on demand for free users. So, even if you do not pay for Spotify Premium, you can play any song at any time. This is likely to change in the future, but for now, this will give Spotify a considerable advantage over its competitors.

And since there are a number of different languages ​​in India, the company's application allows users to choose a preferred language among indi, punjabi, tamil and telugu, so that Spotify can properly provide Algorithmic playlists based on the user's preferred language.

Even in terms of price, Spotify is really smart. The service costs 119 rupees (about $ 1.67) a month, but there are also other options. Users can get daily access for only 13 rupees ($ 0.18), one week for 39 rupees ($ 0.55), one month for 129 rupees ($ 1.81), three months for 389 rupees, six months for 719 rupees and one year for 1,189 rupees. Spotify also offers a 50% discount for students.

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