Spotify Wrapped: Here’s How To See Your Best Music For 2020

Additionally, some Premium users will receive the Tastemaker badge for gaining a significant number of followers on different playlists, the Pioneer badge for listening to a certain song before it reaches 50,000 streams, or the Collector badge for adding a significant number. from songs to playlists. this year.

Under the tagline “One Song Got You Through It All,” Spotify also tells “Your 2020 Story With Your Best Song” by replaying the dates from your first stream until the day with the most streams at the 100th stream. .

Spotify also ran custom “Your Top Songs 2020” playlists featuring the 100 best consumer songs of the year and a bonus “Missed Hits” discovery playlist with 100 songs consumers missed this year but still have time to enjoy it. Users in the US, UK and Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada can further research their top artists of the year with the ‘On Record’ playlist, a selection mixed music and podcasts.

According to the streaming service’s 2o20 Wrapped aggregate data, Bad Bunny is the most featured artist, his YHLQMDLG LP is the most listened to album, “Blinding Lights” by The Weeknd is the most listened to song, and Billie Eilish is the most listened to female artist for the second consecutive year across the world.

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