Square Enix announces permanent work-from-home policy for most employees

Square Enix, the studio behind the Final fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, and Grave robber games, says it will allow most of its employees to work from home at all times. The policy goes into effect on December 1 and will see its employees designated as “home” or “in the office”. In its announcement, the company says it expects around 80% of its employees to be designated as at-home from December.

The company gives a number of reasons for making the policy permanent. These include creating a “flexible and diverse work environment”, helping employees “achieve an optimal work-life balance” and “boosting productivity”. He also hopes the policy will help him adjust better in the future, whether it be disasters or just new employment models.

Although employees are split between home and office offices, it seems they will have some flexibility with where they work. Being at home means that an employee works from home for at least three days a week on average, or vice versa for office workers. Employees can change their status on a monthly basis. Some employees will need to be based in an office, depending on the work they do, Square Enix explains.

The company says it implemented its work-from-home policy for the first time in February in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, alongside other initiatives such as staggered work schedules and online conferences. He adds that 80% of his employees said they had a positive outlook on working from home when asked.

Square Enix joins a growing list of companies that are committed to continuing to allow their employees to work from home even when it is no longer necessary for health reasons. Twitter announced its permanent work from home policy in May, while Facebook said that up to half of its employees could work remotely permanently within five to ten years. Microsoft made a similar announcement last month.

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