Squid Game’s HoYeon Jung Vogue Interview Meme Fooled The Internet


Squid Game continues to thrive at the top of Netflix, and now a meme format of actress HoYeon Jung, who plays Sae-Byeok on the series, has taken over the internet, leaving some social media users completely bewildered.

After its release in mid-September, Squid Game became an overnight sensation. On the show, 456 entrants are tasked with winning popular children’s games, but if they fail, they are killed.

The Netflix show took many viewers back to their childhood, reminding them of the games they played – a massive contributor to Squid Game’s success. As the must-see talk about the show continues across the internet, a new meme format has emerged.

The pranksters took inspiration from HoYeon’s interview with Vogue and created fake quotes that led some to believe that she was a fan of Riot Games’ popular FPS game, Valorant, as well as various Twitch streamers.

Netflix: Squid Game

HoYeon-Jung stars as Sae-Byeok on Netflix’s hit Korean series, Squid Game.

Fans of the show took excerpts from quotes from an interview with HoYeon and edited them. The edited versions of the quotes immediately started going viral on social media, as users were completely unaware that they were not real.

The fake quotes made the gaming community believe that the Korean actress was a fan of their favorite games and creators.

The meme spread like wildfire, and HoYeon was supposed to be obsessed with Sonic Adventure 2 to get things started.

As the fake quotes continued to spread on social media, a tweet from a Valorant fan suggested the actress was now obsessed with Riot Games’ FPS.

Besides our favorite video games, some were gullible to fall in love even more, believing that she was an avid viewer of Twitch streamers and musicians.

The former Overwatch pro even played it, claiming the quotes were “real and true” which has left some fans questioning themselves.

The vast majority of social media didn’t even shy away from believing the fake quotes, but there are many who have seen the light of day as the meme continues to come to life.

As your parents probably told you, don’t trust everything you see on the internet.

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