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NVIDIA enthusiasts, we have even more news for you today. A few hours ago, we informed you of the new driver allowing NVIDIA Pascal GPUs to run real-time ray tracing effects via the DXR API. And while there are currently only three games with ray tracing effects, NVIDIA has released three technical demos that you can try.

These three demos are the Star Wars Unreal Engine 4 demo, the Atomic Heart demo and the Justice demo. Among these demonstrations, the best known is that of George Lucas's space franchise and we are pretty sure that most of you will test it first.

For more details, the Star Wars RTX Tech demo focuses primarily on reflections, while the Atomic Heart RTX Tech demo features reflections and radiated shadows. Finally, the Justice RTX Tech demo contains reflections, shadows and caustics drawn by rays.

Naturally, this demonstration will also apply to those who own one of the NVIDIA Turing GPUs. Not only that, but these three demos take advantage of the DLSS technique, Deep Learning Super Sampling.

Have fun everyone!

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