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Star Wars Galaxy Star Show Dinner

The Walt Disney World version of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge its opening later this summer will be almost identical to the version that just opened at Disneyland California … but with one essential difference. The Orlando, Florida, edition of the theme park located in a far-distant galaxy will be adjacent Star warsThis themed hotel will allow visitors to continue their holiday on the theme of fluidity by "landing" from a space cruise liner to visit the Batuu planet. Yes, Disney wants our money and yes, we are ready to give it to them.

And, although many details of this hotel, whose name has not yet been revealed, remain secret, a new report already suggests an element that will be exclusive to this place: a dinner show that was originally intended at the main theme park.

According to WDW News Today, this show will be part of the all inclusive hotel package (which should cost you an arm, a leg and possibly your firstborn). However, the details end there. For the moment, we only have to present a 2016 conceptual art work, which you can see at the top of this article. Yes, it certainly looks like a dining area filled with ample platforms for singing, dancing, action, antics and more Star wars-you business to entertain you while you eat strange foods and blue milk. And yes, you are certainly not alone if you get real vibrations from the "Jabba Palace".

The Disneyland version of Galaxy's Edge has just opened, but visitors have already expressed their appetite for experiences in theme parks that allow them to eat in this universe. Oga's Cantina is a hit, generating huge lines. Blue milk stalls and fast-food restaurants are also very popular. So a dinner show looks like a slam-dunk, especially for theme park visitors who are already ready to deposit a big bag of credits for a stay at the hotel.

Disney has a rich history of themed dinner shows in its parks, with shows like The Diamond Horseshoe Revue that weigh heavily in the nostalgic recesses of the brain of fans. In some ways, the "dinner and show" approach is about as outdated as possible, but Disney seems to want to reinvent the theme park wheel with Galaxy's Edge, so why not go back to a concept who could use a fresh coat of paint and embellish with the most popular franchise in the known universe?

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge opens at Disney World later this summer August 29, 2019. The companion hotel has not yet opened date. In the meantime, you will find here our comprehensive coverage of the Disneyland version of the field.

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