Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge: Everything we learned at SWC

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Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge It's been a while since we've been working and we're busy sharing all updates as we go, but with the opening of the park scheduled for August 29 in Orlando and May 31 in Anaheim, what best time and place for Disney to present some novelties compared to Star Wars Celebration?

We know that the area is located at the Black Spire outpost on Batuu and that visitors will have the opportunity to experience an immersive cannon adventure including flying the Millennium Falcon and participating in the Resistance – or to the First Order if you wish. so choose. Today, however, the host of the panel Josh Gad took the stage to present Imagineers Scott Trowbridge, Chris Beatty, Doug Chiang, Asa Kalama, Margaret Kerrison, and Matt Martinand lead a conversation about the authenticity and incredible amount of detail you will discover during your visit.

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Here is everything we learned about Galaxy's Edge at the Star Wars 2019 celebration:

Force for Change teams up with FIRST. It's not directly connected to Galaxy's Edgebut still deserves to be underlined; Disney and Lucas Film are partnering with FIRST, a robotics organization that aims to inspire young people to become leaders and innovators in the fields of science and technology. Force for Change is working with FIRST to engage youth communities to use robotics skills to become a force for good. The program offers mentoring opportunities and other opportunities for young people around the world. It is essentially these people who could become the designers behind the next R2-D2! As stated in the brief video presentation covering the collaboration, the goal is to "inspire a new generation of heroes".

Welcome to the planet Batuu! As Trowbridge explained, Batuu is where you will find Black Spire Outpost, a distant trading port somewhere on the edge of the wilderness. At the time, Black Spire was perhaps a hotspot because it was an essential supply point. Now, however, with space travel, this is not the case. Thus, when you visit Black Spire yourself, you will probably meet those who do not really want to be part of the general public, such as smugglers.

Why Batuu and not a more familiar planet? Chiang and Beatty explained how the vast majority of planets featured in the movie franchise were reflective of certain characters, which is a very effective character creation tool on the big screen. For Galaxy's Edge? It's not about these characters, per se. Beatty stated that the experiment did not involve a single character; "It was about your journey. "

This is the most epic and immersive project ever made by Disney. Then, panelists repeatedly emphasized the level of detail and authenticity of Black Spire Outpost street markets. All that is out there is supposed to give the impression that the people of this planet have done for the people of this planet.

<img class = "alignright wp-image-772658" title = "galaxys star-wars-edge-falcon-hall" src = " star-wars-galaxys-edge-falcon-hall-600×450.jpg "alt =" star-wars-galaxys-edge-falcon-hall “width =” 360 “height =” 270 “srcset =” -wars-galaxys-edge-falcon-hall-600×450.jpg 600w,×576. jpg 768w,×300.jpg 400w, wp-content / uploads / 2019/04 / star-wars-galaxys-edge-falcon-hall-900×676.jpg 900w “tailles =” (largeur maximale: 360px) 100vw, 360px “/> There are two main attractions for anchors. Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run takes you into the cockpit of the iconic Corellian Light Freighter and allows you to be part of the flight crew for a personalized and truly interactive mission. You have the opportunity to participate as a pilot and direct the ship, as an engineer trying to keep things running or as a gunner trying to defend the Falcon from the cannon shots. If you are not doing a good job and the Falcon is badly damaged? In fact, you will see that reflected in the hallway when you leave the cockpit! This corridor reflects what you have accomplished in your mission. And do not forget to stop to watch the outside of the carousel, because the scale of the Falcon "is crazy". Apparently, it's "the real deal".

There is also Star Wars: the uprising of the resistance. If you leave Black Spire Outpost and venture into the remains of ancient ruins, this is where the Resistance is and they are looking for new recruits. As we all know, the problem is that things do not always go as planned. Star wars so that you could find yourself a prisoner of the First Order on a Star Destroyer. As Trowbridge teased, if you can survive this meeting with the First Order and Kylo Ren, you will be celebrated as a hero of the Resistance across the country.

Galaxy's Edge is canon. All Star wars The narrative takes place on a single timeline and the teams involved in making Batuu wanted to make sure that the adventures it offers represent an unforgettable moment. Star wars tell stories and have a place in the story. Batuu and Black Spire Outpost have a rich history and they wanted to tell how some people got there. And you can actually start digging this information right now. There is a book entitled Star Wars: Pirate Award that you can read now. This is all about Hondo Ohnaka and how he came to acquire the Falcon which, of course, goes to Batuu. There is also a five-part series of Marvel comics that you can pre-order right now and presents to the Dok-Ondar readers the Ithorian who runs the black market in the city. And on top of that, we also have an upcoming version called. Galaxy's Edge: Black Spire. This one focuses on Vi Moradi, the biggest spy of General Leia Organa. Moradi is sent to find new allies, a sanctuary and a firepower. This search leads her to Batuu.

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