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Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker reveals the new design of the Sith Trooper

Is it three times faster than the average Stormtrooper?
Photo: Hasbro

Another Star wars movie, another Stormtrooper redesign. Yes The last Jedi had the hangman, and the force awakens had the First Order trooper design itself The rise of Skywalker brings full power to the dark side.

StarWars.com has officially unveiled our first look at a brand new Stormtrooper design The rise of Skywalker: the red, angular and very angry Sith Trooper. Apparently, the supreme guide, Kylo, ​​is only involved in the hunt for the remnants of resistance.

This beautiful thing will cost you $ 230.
Image: Hot Toys

Fans attending San Diego's Comic-Con next week will be among the first to see the Sith Trooper suit used The rise of Skywalker as part of a special exhibition based on each generation of Stormtrooper design presented to the con. And, being Star warsthey will also have quick access to the first merchandise created for the Sith Trooper. There will be the 6-inch Hasbro Black Series Figures and 12-inch Hot Toys above, as well as a Funko Pop, a tiki mug, pins, trading cards, t-shirts, hats , children's costumes … is there any merchandise that you can manufacture with a Stormtrooper? They did it. And it will be in San Diego-Comic Con! And all this is simply an early, rather than truly exclusive, access, before a wider release later this year with the rest of the Skywalker climb toys and goods.

Bioworld Sith Trooper Lapel Pin – Early Bird Edition ($ 30)

Funko Sith Trooper Pop! – Early Release Edition ($ 15)

Fifth Sun Sith Trooper Tee (Short Sleeve Crew T-shirt with Red Sleeve) – Early Release Edition ($ 28)

Sith Trooper Unisex Backpack – Early Edition ($ 70)

Sith Trooper Rubies Suits Set for Kids and Adults, Early Edition ($ 6-75)

Sith Trooper Rubies Masks for Children and Adults, Early Edition ($ 6-75)

Topps Star wars: The trading card set Dark Side Power ($ 50) includes a Sith Trooper bonus card.

Beeline Sith Trooper Geeki Tikis – Early Release Edition ($ 20) and Sith Trooper Mini Muglet – Early Release Edition ($ 7)

Hasbro The Black Series Special Edition Sith Trooper – Early Edition ($ 32)


Aside from the evocative name and color scheme, it's interesting to see some conceptual parallels between this rider and not the old Stormtroopers, but the Clone Troopers that preceded them well before – like the more armor pieces. angular, this central "nose" cut off the front of the helmet. Kylo Ren might have wanted let the past die, but he apparently did not take it into account in military fashion design, apparently.

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Star Wars: The rise of Skywalker in theaters December 20, 2019.

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