State of Emergency Measles in Rockland County


Update CBS2 News: 3/27 at 9:00Mary Calvi and John Elliott with the latest news and the latest CBS2 weather news for your Wednesday morning.

Best destinations of the world for 2019If you are thinking of going away from home and looking for the destination of your next trip, you are in luck. TripAdvisor publishes its list of the best destinations in the world for 2019.

A phone call with a neighbor saves the life of the manA neighborhood conversation about frayed pork may have saved the life of a New Jersey man.

State of Emergency Measles in Rockland CountyThe state of emergency has been declared in Rockland County as authorities attempt to contain a measles outbreak. A ban was introduced overnight, prohibiting unvaccinated children from public places. Jenna DeAngelis of CBS2 reports.

Day of sentencing in the attack of an inmate RikersFour inmates from Rikers Island who pleaded guilty to attacking a correctional officer will be brought to justice by a judge today.

$ 750 million drawn tonightPowerball players prepare their tickets in the hope of winning the jackpot that climbed to $ 750 million.

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