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Steam now allows you to broadcast anywhere in the world

IF YOU ARE A sort of obsolete civilization that feels comfortable only commanding armies from the same real location as your virtual armies, so good news: Steam Link will now allow you to stream content anywhere in the world.

Yes, there is no need to lug your gaming laptop through airport security. Steam Link – which previously only allowed you to stream your games at home – will now allow you to transfer them anywhere in the world, under the slightly modified name of Steam Link Anywhere. The only requirement is that you have a good download connection from your gaming computer and a good download connection from the device on which you want to play.

For now, these gaming devices are limited to the original Steam Link, abandoned, connected to a TV via HDMI, Raspberry Pi and Android devices. Nothing on iOS at the moment, because Apple continues to drag in the process of approval.

The weird absence of this list is PC-to-PC support, which gives the impression of a weird omission, because you can bounce the games that way at home. And obviously, playing PC games on a PC is the most natural way to play, even if playing thousands of miles is not extremely natural. In fact, given that we are talking about precisely produced animated pixels from the electrification of rare earth metals extracted from the Earth, we should perhaps not be as valuable as to what is "natural" right here.

At the moment, Steam Link Anywhere is at the beginning of the beta, but you can try it by downloading the 688 beta version. You never have to worry about being productive when traveling again. μ

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