CHARLOTTE, N.C. – No matter what Steph Curry does in the NBA All-Star game on Sunday night, it will be hard to beat what his mother did on Friday.

In a crowded Carole Hoefener Center gymnasium, in front of the mayor of Charlotte and the governor of North Carolina, Sonya Curry managed a half-shot to win a shootout with the family.

When the basketball she threw out of her right hand – almost like a bowling ball – fell through the hoop, Sonya Curry ran around the field and burst into a furious dance before dying. accept a champion belt.

What Steph Curry said about his mother's feat at a contest that included four teams; Steph Curry's brother Seth, sixth-year NBA player, was also accompanied by Steph Curry's brother? and their father, Dell, the notable former NBA player, who retired in 2002 as the highest scoring player in Charlotte Hornets' history?

"I do not know, I'm too busy running," Sonya Curry told USA TODAY Sports with a smile. "I have not even spoken to him yet."

The Curry family reunited on Friday to celebrate its renovation of the community center in honor of its roots in Charlotte, at the same time as the All Star Game takes place here. With the support of partners such as Under Armor, Chase and the NBA Players Association Foundation, the project includes a computer lab, a new STEM training area and new locker rooms, as well as the renovated indoor gym and the Curry Court. . basketball court was named.

Steph Curry's links with Charlotte are documented in a short excerpt from the Facebook Watch series titled Stephen against the game, With six episodes scheduled to air this spring. Steph Curry played at Charlotte Christian High School and played college basketball at nearby Davidson College, before the Golden State Warriors picked him seventh overall in 2009.

"That's where he created his game," said Gotham Chopra, director of the series and head of the film company "Religion of Sports". "I think community is an important part of Steph's story, I think what we do with Religion of Sports, the community is a big part." Bigger than sport, what does it mean? a like him for this community? & # 39; & # 39;

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The affection between Curry and the community – represented at the community center by a busy crowd of about 500 people – was clear. After the family shooting competition, he officiated a basketball game with eighth graders. At one point, he grabbed a wandering ball and, to everyone's delight, scored a pointer.

A brick.

But his introductory remarks were at the rendezvous.

"This community helped me because the man I am today, on the ground and off the field," said Curry, whose wife, Ayesha, and their three young children were present. "… Charlotte will always be at home."

Yet it was his mother who stole the show when the action started.

"In fact, Dell and I were at Lifetime Gym the day before yesterday and it feels like" coming to the gym and bouncing back for me, "said Sonya Curry." So he was shooting halfway and I was shooting as usual and I was saying to myself, "I can not have it anywhere." Hmm.

"So I returned it (below) and the first time, I did not succeed but I hit as if nothing had happened. I said, "Dell, I'll do it when we're up there."

She declared it before the competition.

"Ayesha said," You mean madness, "said Sonya Curry, laughing. "So when (the shot) came in, I said, 'Oh, my God. I can not believe. "I think it was God's blessing for me this weekend."

Sonya Curry celebrates her shot with her husband Dell. (Photo11: Courtesy of Under Armor)

For the record, Sonya Curry, who played volleyball at the university, said it was the first time she was half shot. But she took a minimum of credit for shooting her famous son, who became major in this city.

"What I've most influenced, is this time he was really, really frustrated, because Dell had moved in and would not let him go back before he was more compatible with his shot, "said Sonya Curry. "That's why he was very frustrated because he could not get to the free throw line with the new shot. …

"One day he was outside and he was tearing himself apart. I went out and said to myself, "Look, man. You have two choices. And one is to stand out here and give up. Or two, keep trying and it's up to you. And he just turned around and started shooting and that was the end.

"So, I think that with me, most of my role has been to encourage them and not to pamper them, but to encourage them by telling them," Hey, you can go right to the end. You can do it. "

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