Steph Curry Barely Includes Oracle Arena In Its Top 10 Popcorn

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Steph Curry is obsessed with popcorn.

You may have learned that just two weeks ago, during an episode of his series on YouTube "5 Minutes From Home", he said: "I have a huge addiction popcorn. "

He revealed that Brooklyn had the best popcorn in the NBA, followed by Miami and Dallas.

However, a powerful New York Times article by Marc Stein revealed that Dallas is actually number 1 in Curry's book.

The American Airlines center had an almost perfect score of 24 (out of 25), getting a "5" in "freshness", "salty", "butter" and "presentation" and a "4" in "crunchy".

So where is Oracle Arena among the 29 arenas of the NBA?

Well, The "king's house" of Curry obtained the following marks:
5 crunchy
4 in salinity and presentation
3 in the butter
2 in freshness

A total of "18" is good for ninth place, just sneaking into the top 10. You have to think that Chase Center is going to work very hard to be in the Top 5 next season.

Staples Center, Los Angeles came in last place. But do not worry about the Warriors fans, because Curry has played very well in his last eight games against the Clippers in Southern California:
1) March 31, 2015 = 27 points, 4-in-6 3s
2) November 19, 2015 = 40 points, 6-in-14 3s
3) February 20, 2016 = 23 points, 3-in-8 3s
4) December 7, 2016 = 19 points, 0-for-8 3s
5) February 2, 2017 = 29 points, 3-in-10 3s
6) October 30, 2017 = 31 points, 7-in-11 3s
7) January 6, 2018 = 45 points, 8-in-16 3s
8) January 18, 2019 = 28 points, 3-in-11 3s

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Finally, we will leave you with the following story from the Times' story:

Although New Orleans Pelicans' Smoothie King Center popcorn just landed above the top 10 in 12th place, Warriors staff members are still talking about the trip there in the second NBA. season. After uncovering an oversized bag of popcorn in the training room, Curry moved the bag into his locker and slid his shirt into it. He was then photographed tightening the bag (without the jersey) on the floor of the locker room.

"I really take popcorn," said Curry. "It's not even a joke."

Ayesha is she aware?

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