Steph Curry mom on the reason to change shoes during the playoffs

Steph Curry was deaf after Saturday's playoff win, explaining why he had changed one of his shoes during the game.

Curry started the first game of the Golden State Warriors playoff series against the Los Angeles Clippers dressed in bright yellow. At one point at the end of the game, he changed shoes and wore a mismatched pair. His left shoe was yellow, but his right shoe was all black.

Curry was questioned about the shoe change following the game by Lisa Salters of ABC but reacted very little.

"I will keep this for myself," he said. "It looks good though."

Let the speculation begin. Curry sprained his right ankle before the end of the regular season and that's the shoe he's changed.

His ankle that still gives him trouble will probably be a popular theory. As mentioned after the game, we can probably expect more research to be done and details to be published in the next few days.

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