Stephen Colbert says he would have put the hat on MAGA if Trump had "a reasonable solution" to Obamacare


Stephen Colbert, host of the show "Late Show", revealed what it would take him to don a Make America Great Again Hat.

The tables were lit on Colbert during the prerecorded special of his show Tuesday night. Several "Late Show" guests, including former "Daily Show" host Jon Stewart, astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, actress Kerry Washington and Jcher Tapper, CNN presenter, interviewed the CNN animator. his own show.

Charlamagne Tha God Colbert asked Colbert questions about Kanye West's vocal support for President Donald Trump and "why would you wear the MAGA hat?"

The question plunged the late-night star into CBS's thoughts as she pressed an anti-stress bullet that Charlamagne Tha God found in the drawer of Colbert's office.

"A wise solution for Obamacare", finally answered Colbert. "If he accepts a reasonable solution to Obamacare, because I think this is the way you could most improve the lives of most Americans, it's giving them Medicare for all." . Health insurance for all.

Although Colbert is known for his animosity towards this president, it is not the first time that the liberal star was willing to offer a kind of olive branch to Trump. He has repeatedly rejected calls for Trump's dismissal, claiming that it would not be a "good idea" that Democrats support despite his incessant jokes about his removal from office in his opening monologues.

Earlier in the special episode, Colbert shared Trump's backstage encounter on a late-night TV show a few years ago.


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