Stephen Colbert will sue Donald Trump for stealing his share, proving that we are in hell


Stephen Colbert, not Stephen Colbert
Screenshot: The Late Show

Stephen Colbert is back from his extended Thanksgiving holiday
(nice job if you can get it) to a bunch of new Trump news stored from his
time spent. Let's see, the servant of the trump Paul Manafort ("Ray Liotta in the role of a
his life ") has repeatedly violated his plea bargain with Robert Mueller lie
at the FBI
, the other henchmen of Trump, Roger Stone ("open-coffin-American") and Jerome
Corsi ("Oompa Loompa defrocked") were surprised to write ridiculously incriminating
on the collusion with the founder of WikiLeaks, a Russian puppet and the accused
the rapist Julian Assange will deploy stolen emails to influence the 2106
election, and Donald Trump would not categorically deny categorically that he is
planned to forgive Manafort all the way through. Man, difficult week. Wait, that
everything came out in the last two days? Man, hard. . . Earth. Well, at least we are not so
trapped in an alternative reality farce where The Colbert Report is the evening news or
no matter what.


Colbert went on to note, Trump, in his typically rambling and absurd talk with The Washington Post sure
Tuesday, besides asserting that a vigorous raking can fight the world
wildfires caused by warming or something like that, are all-in on his famous gut. You know,
the gut of a financial genius of 239 pounds that went bankrupt only half
dozens of times have been forced to pay $ 25 million for defrauding students of a fake
university that he created, and who told him, "Hey, let this pedophile go
the Senate because it also hates homosexuals. "In the interview, Trump said The post office, with reference to the Federal Reserve,
"They make a mistake, because I have an instinct, and my instinct tells me more
Sometimes the brain of someone else can never tell me. "(Just a reminder: this is
the president of the United States we are talking about. Carry on.)

Well, as
Colbert noted, Trump did not just talk about his, um, intuition in the interview,
he was also robbing Colbert's "anti-intellectual property". Or, rather, Trump's intestines
told him to hijack a pretty famous piece of "Stephen Colbert", the challenge
Stephen Colbert character Stephen Colbert
played on The colbert
. In fact, it was in the very first room of the very first Colbert Report this
"Colbert" coined the term "veracity" to describe the way in which the
reckless and willfully opposed to reality, ignore any inconvenient facts (such as
science, the free press, the learning of fantasy books') in favor of
rumble self-justifying their guts. With Trump-ian truly prescient unjustified
trust, "Colbert" proudly declared that there were more nerve endings in your
gut that in your head, and steamrollered just on the annoying fact that it's
by no means true by any standard of empirical reality by telling its 2005 viewers
that his guts tell him that it is true, and to whom will you believe?

that he is preparing to sue President Gut-Check for stealing his share, Colbert
speculated that Trump must also plan to continue to sneeze Colbert's shtick by throwing his too-stupid weapon
Blowhard persona to take a new concert as himself, leading a late-night conversation
show. Maybe But there is another, more sinister explanation. We are in the
colossal alternative dimension mentioned above, Stephen Colbert is "Stephen
Colbert ", and Donald Trump is just doing a little more," Colbert "-some little,
ruling the country like a pretentious, racist and treacherous charlatan because
This is the wrong place and we are all punished because we have not accumulated
Brownie enough points after death and we voted for this child molester accused of the time Is such a whimsical idea really true? Well,
what do you say to yourself?

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