Stephen Curry and Under Armor Give Back All-Star Weekend

Almost two years ago, Stephen Curry and his team at Under Armor traveled to Charlotte, North Carolina, in early July. The group celebrated Curry's new five-year contract with the Golden State Warriors, who had just won their second title in three years. Stephen Curry, Stephen's father and a 16-year-old NBA veteran, held a low-key rally at the family's home for close relatives, basketball associates who followed Stephen's long history and his Under's team Armor.

During this trip, the team began developing plans for the All-Star Weekend 2019 which, after a two-year delay, was heading towards Charlotte. Rooftop sites have been identified. The event spaces and possible developments of modern galleries have been taken into account. Under Armor finally sent a handful of members of the Baltimore team to delve deeper into the city's history and start mapping his All-Star parties and other arrangements.

Then the MVP twice said a firm goal for the weekend, at about 18 months of the year: no party. No event space. Selling shoes should not even be a goal.

Put your entire budget into renovating the old Curry Recreation Center, said the All Star guard.

"Stephen's goal in 2019 and beyond is to know how he can leave something meaningful and useful," said Kris Stone, director of sports basketball marketing at Under Armor. "This is his main goal and his main challenge. Whether it's in the Bay Area, Charlotte or even Asia, that's his goal. "

The brightest stars in the league gather in Charlotte February 15-17.

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Stephen and his younger brother Seth, Portland Trail Blazers reserve guard, spent most of their childhood in Charlotte. Their sibling rivalry often extended from their back yard to center Carole Hoefener.

"It's here that we learned to play basketball," said Stephen Curry. "Charlotte will always be at home."

Since its opening in 1999, the center has become a staple for local residents, not only because of the versatile gymnasium for basketball, volleyball and other sports, but also partly because of its gym. conference, banquet hall and business center. Whether for meetings of prospective real estate agents or job fairs, for family reunions, birthdays and children's costumes, or for a home-jewelry site, shop windows 39, art and crafts for local artists, the Hoefener Center has touched a diverse network of Charlotte over the past two decades.

In what was considered a "seven-figure commitment" by the Stephen and Ayesha Curry Family Foundation, Under Armor and Chase Bank's sponsor, the family will completely renovate the 20-year-old center in one of the biggest companies it is nice. The NBA Players Association will also pay $ 150,000 over the next three years for the revitalization project.

"We chose the Carole Hoefener Center for a specific reason," said Stephen Curry. "Their priorities are very similar to those of our family, namely to provide people with equal educational opportunities, access to nutrition and well-being knowledge and a safe and stimulating play space. "

The renovated Carole Hoefener Center yard features Stephen Curry's familiar 30th number halfway through. Courtesy Under Armor

Rather than hold an All-Star party on Friday night, his parents, Dell and Sonya, joined Curry for the official reopening ceremony. wife Ayesha; Brother Seth and his fiancée, Callie Rivers, daughter of LA Clippers head coach, Doc Rivers; and his sister Sydel with her husband, Damion Lee, Stephen's teammate. North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper and Charlotte Mayor Vi Lyles were also present.

"It's easy to organize a party and have fun," said Dell Curry. "But to put the dollars back into the community and get something that will last long after the end of the star game, this holiday is only a one – night event.

Stone said, "How can we leave something that is much more beneficial than an open bar?"

With a focus on health, fitness and education – the three pillars of the Curry Family Foundation "Eat, Play, Learn". ethos – the renovated Hoefener Center will be relaunched with new Curry, Curry Court and Chase Education Space cuisine. The center will also have renovated bathrooms, locker rooms and restored conference space, as well as new ceilings and floors.

"Every child who goes through these doors will now have the opportunity to consider and explore their greatest potential in life," said A. Fulton Meachem Jr., President and CEO of Charlotte Housing Authority.

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The Curry Kitchen, the favorite part of Stephen's center, sporting Ayesha's signature along the entrance, will teach children and adults the principles of healthy eating, while highlighting some of the basic principles of the kitchen. Energy efficient appliances have been added everywhere and previous materials have already been donated and recycled. Ayesha introduced students to one of her favorite pasta dishes before leaving them each a signed copy of her recipe book "Seasoned Life".

A hallway leads to the new Curry Court Hall, a large gym consisting of six baskets in total. The main gymnasium underwent a complete redesign with a brand new hardwood floor, a new set of full bleachers, new display boards and murals of local artists.

The purplish and orange hues that have flooded the yard over the years have now been changed to gray and yellow hues. A number 30 painted now depicts the central courtyard circle, as well as a Dell mural flanked by each son along the baseline, all in jersey # 30. The old floor was recovered, donated and relocated to a community center in need in Greensboro.

Dell Curry recalls having left his sons for hours at the Hoefener Center, letting them work alone or participate in collection games against fellow teenagers.

"They were competitive at home, but it was good that they could take this competitive spirit and dedicate it to other children," he said laughing.

This spirit of competition will extend to the All-Star Weekend itself, where Steph and Seth will compete in Saturday's three-point shooting competition.

"I know [Seth is] will shoot me, however, "said Steph on the Woj Pod with Adrian Wojnarowski .This is the problem."

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While most parents try not to play favorites, Dell already has a choice.

"I'm going with Seth," he says instantly. "Steph has already won one, he has won titles, MVP and everything, so it's time to get Seth rolling, he's still in the top of the division standings in 3s, he'll be confident and I'll leave with Seth. "

While in town, the Currys will also donate a refurbished basketball court on one of their other parking lots, the Naomi Drenan Recreation Center.

"Put money in something you can come back to, touch, feel and see the difference it makes, not only in the community, but in the lives of young people and adults, it says a lot about who they are and what kind of person they are, "said Dell Curry. "Also, how much they love this community and have loved growing up here and want to leave a mark after the start of the All-Star Game."

Even after the end of the All-Star weekend, the Curry Family Foundation will continue to have an impact in the region. The foundation has planned workshops, classes and daily events in the renovated center over the next 30 days. Stephen Curry himself will be back in town to monitor the students a week later, as the Warriors face the Hornets on February 25th.

"Children and adults who walk through this door can make the most of both worlds in activity, health, exercise and broadening their studies," said Dell Curry. "It's a one-stop shop for a lot of kids to come to Charlotte."

Regardless of how Saturday's All-Star Game takes place, the Curry Family Foundation's long-term impact on the Charlotte region is envisioned, and the refurbished community center has helped to stimulate boys' love for the game. will be appreciated.

"I'm excited to see my home community engaging in space," said Stephen Curry. "I really believe that it will have a continuous impact that goes well beyond this weekend."

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