Stephen Moore: Trump to appoint former Federal Reserve campaign advisor


"I am pleased to announce that @StephenMoore, a highly respected economist, will be appointed to the Fed's board of directors.I have known Steve for a long time – and I have no doubt that he will make an excellent choice! " Trump tweeted.

Moore, 59, is the author of "Trumpeconomics: America's First Plan to Revive Our Economy" and a former member of the Wall Street Journal editorial board. He was also a former contributor to CNN.

A spokeswoman for CNN confirmed that Moore was no longer a contributor, but did not comment on the date of the end of the relationship.

The pending application was first reported by Bloomberg News and confirmed by Trump to reporters.

There are currently two vacant positions on the Fed's seven-member Board of Directors.

The former pizza executive and Republican presidential candidate, Herman Cain, is also in the study.
Trump did not hesitate to criticize the Fed, targeting President Jerome Powell, a former investment banker appointed by Trump.
The president blamed the central bank for "relegating" the rates up four times last year. These public verbal attacks have slowed as the Fed announced that it would suspend its rate hike this year – a fact that, according to Powell, had no influence on the central bank's fixing decisions. interest rates.

Appointments to the board of directors of the Fed must be confirmed by the Senate.


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