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Rams midfielder Todd Gurley was injured at the end of last season. C.J. Anderson went off the street and the Rams attack did not fail to fight with Anderson to replace Gurley. So, now that Anderson is a free agent, is he a rare commodity?

Nope. A fan on Twitter asked Anderson where he was going to sign, and he said he did not know. He then stated that he felt disrespectful that he was not signed.

"The lack of respect is real"Anderson wrote." That's what it is. It's the same story again and again. All I wanted was a complete opportunity to play 16. My 16 years against all the others 16 without a coach / ticket office trying to move me or we like this game of guys. I just want one 16 all that I ask. "

It's easy to understand why Anderson feels this way: the only season of his career when he started 16 games, he ran 1,007 yards.

But it's easy to understand why Anderson feels this way, but also why the NFL teams are not rushing to give him a lot of money. One of the things that was shown last season in the NFL is that expensive halves can easily be replaced with cheaper backups. In this respect, Anderson could be a victim of his own success.


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