Stormy Daniels says that Avenatti's lawyer sued Trump for defamation without his consent

Adult film actress Stormy Daniels said Wednesday that her lawyer, Michael Avenatti, sued President Trump for defamation without his approval and launched a second fundraising campaign to raise funds "without my permission or even my knowledge … and even attributing words never written or said. "

In a statement to the Daily Beast, Daniels said that "Avenatti was a big advocate in so many ways," but she added, "In another way, Michael did not treat me." with the respect and deference that a lawyer should show to a client ".

"For months, I asked Michael Avenatti to provide me with accounting information about the fund to which my donors so generously donated to ensure my safety and legal defense," Daniels said. "He repeatedly ignored these requests.A few days ago, I repeatedly asked again that he tell me how the money was spent and how much was left of it.

"Instead of answering me … Michael launched another crowdfunding campaign to raise funds on my behalf, which I learned on Twitter," Daniels said. had not yet decided whether Avenatti would continue to represent her.

Avenatti responded with a statement obtained by Fox News: "I am and I have always been the greatest champion of Stormy.I have personally sacrificed a huge amount of money, time and money. 39 energy to help her because i believe in her.I have always been an open book.with Stormy as to all aspects of her case and she knows it, just look at her many previous interviews in which she declares that we speak and communicate several times a day about her case.


"The retention agreement that Stormy signed in February provided that she would pay me $ 100.00 and that any money collected through a legal fund would go to my fees and legal fees," continued Avenatti. "Instead, the vast majority of the money raised was spent on security and other similar expenses, and the latest campaign was just a reminder of the previous campaign, designed to help to cover some of Stormy's expenses. "

The fundraising appeal on the CrowdJustice website raised $ 4,785 on Wednesday night. The Daily Beast reported that a previous fundraiser had brought in more than $ 580,000 to Daniels' expenses earlier this year.

Stormy Daniels and Michael Avenatti in federal court in Manhattan earlier this year.

Stormy Daniels and Michael Avenatti in federal court in Manhattan earlier this year.

Last month, a Los Angeles federal judge dismissed Daniels' defamation complaint against the president, following an April tweet in which Trump had denied being threatened by a man on a Las Vegas parking lot his name is Stephanie Clifford, reportedly told Daniels that the man was threatening her for publicly announcing an alleged sexual relationship with Trump in 2006. Trump has repeatedly denied the case.

As part of his decision in the defamation suit, US judge S. James Otero ordered Daniels to pay Trump's attorney's fees, estimated at $ 350,000 by the president's attorneys.

Daniels initially sued Trump in court for invalidating the confidentiality agreement that she had signed a few days before the 2016 presidential election, preventing her from discussing a sexual intercourse that she had. She would have had with Trump years before his candidacy for the presidency. The confidentiality agreement included a payment of $ 130,000 to Daniels from Trump's personal attorney, Michael Cohen. Last August, Cohen acknowledged making payments to Daniels and another woman, Karen McDougal, "on the order" of then-candidate Trump, in violation of federal funding law. the country.

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