Stranger Things 3: Millie Bobby Brown on the set of this letter


Spoilers for Strange things 3 to follow.

Netflix Series Strange things has delivered many intense, heartbreaking and scrambled moments in his last two seasons. Strangers Things 3, which arrived on July 4, probably presents one of the most moving scenes to date.

Centered around eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) and Hopper's (David Harbor) father-daughter adoptive relationship, the scene is one of the last of the season. While Hopper speaks in voiceover, Eleven reads a speech that his father had prepared on the fact that it was difficult for him to accept the fact that she was growing up, but he would do it because & # 039; He wanted her to be happy. It was a speech that Hopper always intended to give but never bothered to do. Even worse, it is unclear whether Hopper will ever have that kind of heart to heart with her, considering Strange things wants us to believe that Hopper is dead.

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For Brown, who just opened at Entertainment Weekly about his role in Season 3, filming this scene was particularly difficult. Brown revealed that "they had pre-recorded David and they played aloud" while they were filming the scene.

Brown went on to explain that she "did not want to read this speech. I did not want to hear about it. I did not want to repeat. I just wanted to get a camera and find my way. "

Capturing Brown at the time, as she heard and read the letter through Eleven's eyes for the first time on the set, gave birth to one of the most authentic and moving moments. Filming the stage was difficult for Brown as she played the role of Eleven, grieving for Hopper, and was dealing in real time with the loss of Harbor as the camera turned.

"My reaction was pure devastation and sadness, and a helpless child who has just lost his father, what is she thinking? So it was a raw emotion, especially because David Harbor and I are really close. He is just one of the greatest men. I think something I admire about David is that he respects girls and women so much. It was so … I was so drained and I was like, "Oh, my God, it's horrible." The emotions were so raw in this scene, for sure.


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It was not the only emotional scene that Brown had to film for season 3. She explained to EW what it was like to shoot the last scenes showing the Byers family – Joyce (Winona ryder), Jonathan (Charlie Heaton), Will (Noah Schnapp), and Eleven, now a member of their family – packing and leaving Hawkins.

"It was as emotional as it looked. We all said, "Let's imagine it's the end of filming forever." And we immediately start crying as soon as they say, action. It was really authentic and it was like saying goodbye to best friends. "

Even though filming the last episode of season 3 seemed to make Brown angry, she hinted that Eleven's future was: "I know things here and there, but nothing deep or anything that I can tell you. Season 4 ends up happening if only we can find out what Brown's commentary means and find out about the next step for the rest of the Hawkins gang in Indiana.

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