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Stranger Things removes docks from facility in Ahoy at Burbank

Netflix started season 3 of Strange things last weekend, July 4, and according to the streaming service, 40.7 million homes watched the show and 18.2 million ended the entire season over the four-day weekend, which, according to the broadcast giant, is their most watched show of all time. Season 3 has seen many fans' favorites from previous seasons, including Joe KeerySteve Harrington.

With high school behind him, Steve now works for Scoops Ahoy – the local ice cream shop – for the summer alongside his very sensible colleague, Robin, played by a newcomer. Maya Hawke. Scoops Ahoy becomes the main executive of Starcourt Mall, where most of the worldly and extraterrestrial shenanigans take place during the season. Steve, Robin, Gaten MatarazzoDustin Henderson and Priah FergusonErica Sinclair of the "Scoops Troop", fighting against everything from communist killers to the main villain of season 3, The Monster; all from their base at Scoops Ahoy.

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Image via Netflix

To coincide with the season 3 debut of his hit, Netflix has ordered a number of Strange things pop-up installations to appear everywhere in Los Angeles in recent weeks. They included a funfair in Hawkins, Indiana, on the Santa Monica Pier and a Starcourt Mall located in the old Tower Records building. Over the next two weeks, they converted a Baskin Robbins store located in Burbank into a Scoops Ahoy ice cream shop, where you can stop and enter the world of Strange things.

The installation is an alarm bell for the store we see in the show, from the exterior sign to the lettering on the main menu, to the employees wearing the instantly recognizable sailor outfits worn by Steve and Robin. The facility also offers many specialty articles named among the items in the series, including The Upside Down Sundae, which features your Sundae's trimmings first and the ice cream last. There is also a Demogorgon sundae, which is a waffle cone with a scoop of ice cream, topped with a strawberry sauce to reflect the look of a Demogorgon's mouth. There is also Elevenade Freeze, flavors named after the characters of the show and a personal favorite, the Butterscotch USS. This nautical sundae is a sliced ​​banana with three scoops of butterscotch ice cream and triangles of waffle cones designed to resemble boat sails.

Wendy Lee of Collider, Dorian Parks and John Rocha, who are massive Strange things The fans, decided to form their own troop Scoops and visited the installation Scoops Ahoy to try all the good things of ice cream. Dorian had the Demogorgon sundae and panicked a bit of his authentic appearance. Wendy ordered the Upside Down sundae with a ball of Eleven's Heaven, a specialty flavor in the honor of Millie Bobby Brown"Eleven. Rocha used his grandfather, the USS Butterscotch, with vanilla balls, peanut butter chocolate and praline cream.

The installation reproduces the realistic appearance of the shop from the living room, with a kitchen in which visitors can enter to take pictures. As soon as you enter, you are greeted by a warm "Ahoy!" Of employees before they take your order. On the outside, the blue and off-white Scoops Ahoy signage and service menu reflects the look of the show panels and menus. Overall, the video Collider Scoops Troop had a good time enjoying the installation and enjoyed the pressure ice cream selections in the shop. If you are in Burbank for next week, do yourself a favor and board the Scoops Ahoy!

Images of the event via Wendy Lee / Collider

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