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Stranger Things Season 3 Hopper Ruined

Note: The following contains the discussion of the season three events of Strange things, including details of the plot of the final.

In the penultimate episode of the last season of Strange thingsHopper and Joyce return to Hawkins to save their children from danger, with Murray Bauman, Oddball's investigator, and the kidnapped Russian scientist Alexei. The passions are naturally high, and the chief of police and the general store clerk are overwhelmed. After a new series of exasperated shots between the two worried parents, Murray explodes from the rear seat of the car: "Children, children, children!", He interjects. "This endless quarrel was fun at first. But this is becoming very outdated and we still have a long way to go. So, why do not you cut the ball in half and admit your sexual feelings for each other!

It is a laughing line, a way to break the tension and give a little advance to the scenario of Joyce-Hopper. Unfortunately, it's far too precise – and it should have been a note for the writers in the third episode, before the damage was done. Because this season of Strange things took one of his most beloved characters, the unexpected leader, chef Jim Hopper, and turned it into one of the worst aspects of the series. Others have already pointed out that this guy has become an odious rageaholic, a person you really would not want to see in real life. But narratively, his bow was a diversion of endless irritation. The snarling and relatable policeman with a gruff exterior and a soft center like a marshmallow was turned into a mouth full of cartoons permanently blocked at age 11, disdainfully odious (and loud, oh so loud) to all those to whom he speaks – especially Joyce – in a wild way. a misguided attempt to turn him into a half-duo of vis-romance. But where romantic comedies usually pivot halfway, when the bickering couple realizes their feelings for each other, season three keeps them from screaming and screaming episode after episode after episode.

When season 1 started for the first time, the sheriff soon became a fan favorite, thanks in large part to David Harbor's incarnation of an alcoholic and hairy man traumatized by his daughter's death. and the divorce that followed. During this first series of episodes, Hopper ends up finding meaning and direction in his life; Will's hunt led him to invest in the Byers family, including Joyce. This renewed energy is then channeled into its adoption of Eleven, and Strange things"The second season, he rediscovered the family life he thought he had lost for good by learning to become a parent again, this time for a person with superhuman powers that he could only vaguely understand.

It is easy to feel affection for such a character. A variety of externally crispy gentleman from the history of television, as FireflyMalcolm Reynolds, FrasierMartin Crane, LostSawyer, and many others have conditioned us to appreciate traits such as Hopper's protection and reluctance – we finally manage to peak their spicy facades and have the chance to know the "real" man. And Strange things found a great "curmudgeon with a heart of gold" in the charismatic tour of Harbor. In the second season, we had memories of the chef dancing awkwardly, as the series bent over to turn the previously closed cop into an adorable but adorable dad, full of anxieties too common to the idea of 39, bring up a teenager. , although someone who can crush Coca-Cola cans at telekinesis. These features, combined with Joyce's obvious Hopper craze, made for a charming and engaging presence in the series, the responsible adult not immune to the misfortune at the right time, who still managed to save the day. situation and to protect his new daughter. Hop's popularity certainly did not detract from the fact that Harbor turned out to be an effusive and fun presence in real life and on social media.

What makes its turn towards sower in the last season of Strange things so disappointing. At first, it seems that the relationship between the chef, Joyce and Eleven, will be the subject of a new and intriguing, to finally ask the question to the first, keeping only the pretext the more "just for friends" . The romance between El and Mike gives Hopper a new source of anxiety and parental protection, as he does everything wrong to frighten children, instead of following Joyce's advice. (He tries, but his own inability to express sensitivity self-sabotage, with a little help from Mike's certainly silly decision to joke with his girlfriend while his father obviously tries to tell them something serious.) development in the "Hopper learns to open" arc, which would be fun, if predictable.

The series resumes after Joyce makes fun of Hopper for their arranged appointment – in which he hurts and hurts her, while she responds forcefully to his need to focus on more important issues – and It extends for the essential. of the season. Scene after scene, Hopper stubbornly pursues the supposed goal of his affection: to mock his ideas with condescension, to grossly despise his explanations and yell sarcastically about their terrible situation. Of course, they are sometimes interrupted by their meeting with other people – the Mayor of Cary Elwes, Grigori the Russian Terminator, Alexei and Murray – but even these exchanges are noisy, the show rarely leaves Harbor even out a few quieter lines before he starts again. or scream loudly. This removes from Hopper precisely what made it fun and captivating, namely the back and forth between its harder and softer sides, leaving only the bloomy and unpleasant shell that we thought to have largely outgrown.

It's a shame, especially if it's really the last time we'll see Chef Jim Hopper after his apparent death by the explosion of a Russian lab. (This is not the last we'll see of Hopper.) The character has been totally squandered this season, despite the truly moving voice that he delivers in the final minutes of the series, his note to El being a grace too late. note reminding us of its past power. Too bad we have seen almost none of this type this season.

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