Stratolaunch: the "biggest plane in the world" takes off for the first time

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Legend of the mediaIf successful, the jet would be a cheaper way to launch objects in the space than to use rockets

The largest aircraft in the world by size has taken off for the first time.

Built by Stratolaunch, the company created by the late co-founder of Microsoft, Paul Allen, in 2011, this aircraft is designed to serve as a springboard for satellites.

The idea is to fly the plane 10 km before launching satellites in orbit.

Its wingspan is the length of an American football field.

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If successful, such a project would be a cheaper way to launch objects into space than rockets fired from the ground.

The twin-engine twin-engine jet flew up to 4572 m and reached a speed of about 274 km / h (170 mph) on its maiden flight.

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Pilot Evan Thomas told reporters that the experience was "fantastic" and that "in most cases, the plane had flown as planned".

According to their website, Stratolaunch aims to "make access to the orbit as routine as catching an air commercial flight is today."

Virgin Galactic, a company of British billionaire Richard Branson, has also developed aircraft to launch rockets in orbit of very high altitude.

Stratolaunch describes his ship as the "biggest plane in the world", but some planes are longer from nose to tail.

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