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Stritch Apex Legends glitch allows players to shoot through closed doors

Respawn Entertainment's Titanfall-inspired Royal Battle exploded in popularity after its release in February, but much of the community has criticized the number of bugs and issues that affect the game even months after it was created.

Respawn has provided updates on a number of issues they are trying to address when launching Season 2 on July 2, including a number of lag and connection issues. However, this particular problem does not seem to be caused by Internet problems, because there is no red indicator at the top right of the player's screen.

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The red delay indicators did not appear, suggesting that this problem was not caused by a connection error.

BoringLastWords, a Reddit user, shared the clip after being killed by an opponent, although he clearly closed the doors to give himself time to heal.

The player was in an early game scenario, just north of Cascades, when he challenged an enemy team solo, which had hit their two teammates. After successfully hitting a member of the enemy team, the player enters the raised bunker to stop the awakening and get the elimination.

However, this does not go as planned and BoringLastWords closes the door to withdraw, heal and recharge. When the gates are closed, the enemy shoots his peacekeeper and manages to complete the player while he is clearly in the shelter.

Some answers suggested that the connection was bad – and that the doors were not closed on the enemy screen.

However, Apex uses red indicators in the upper right corner when a player's Internet network is weak, and they are not present; indicating yet another frustrating bug in the game.

It is unclear whether this problem concerns only these specific doors, but other players also claimed that they had a similar experience and that it was happening more recently.

As the game approaches for its second season, Respawn hopes to solve the small problems that plague it, such as the strange problem surrounding the granting of protection.

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