Dan Robinson captured slow-motion images of rare lightning bolts upside down. Lightning was filmed across Texas, Oklahoma and Illinois during a month.

Meteorologists warn residents in the south of the country to experience stormy and potentially dangerous weather this weekend, especially on Saturday.

"There is a significant risk of severe thunderstorms and tornadoes this weekend," Weather Channel's meteorologist said. Mike Bettes tweeted.

The states most at risk Saturday are Louisiana, Mississippi and Arkansas, as well as East Texas. Cities in this risk area include Shreveport (Louisiana) and Vicksburg (Mississippi).

AccuWeather warned that threats included gusty winds and hail, frequent lightning, flash floods and tornadoes.

A tornado raged in the Oklahoma Prairies in 1999. Meteorologists warn of an episode of severe weather in the south on Saturday and Sunday, April 13 and 14, 2019. (Photo: NOAA / Wikimedia Commons)

Deadly and destructive tornadoes are most likely Saturday afternoons and evenings. Some tornadoes can be strong and stay on the ground for more than a few minutes.

the Storm Prediction Center, the federal agency responsible for defining areas at risk of inclement weather, has placed northern Louisiana and southern Arkansas in a "moderate" risk area of ​​39; violent attacks Saturday. Although this does not seem too worrying, it is the second highest level of risk in the center.

"Pay attention to the forecasts and have a safe place to go if a warning is issued for your area," said Bettes. "A mobile home is not safe."

The threat of severe weather will shift in the southeast Sunday

High winds are the main threat, although some tornadoes are certainly possible, said Weather Channel.

Thunderstorms could hit Alabama and Georgia on Sunday, while many churches may be outnumbered on Palm Sunday, the start of Holy Week for Christians.

The office of the Weather Service of Birmingham, Alabama, advises pastors to observe the weather during Sunday services, warning that large rooms such as shrines and auditoriums are not safe in bad weather.

Also on Sunday, strong storms could hit Augusta, Georgia, the site of the finals of the Masters golf tournament.

In addition to Weather Weather, heavy rains could cause flash floods in southern regions, the Ohio Valley and the east, especially in areas recently wet with rain, according to Weather Channel.

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