Students report that a freshman who was planning a shootout: the police



Students in North Carolina listened to the call "see something, say something" this week and their decision might have prevented a mass shootout. Classmates of Paul Steber at High Point University said that he had firearms in his dorm. Campus security services have searched for a 9mm semi-automatic pistol, a 12-gauge dual barreled shotgun and ammunition, the Washington Post reports. Police said he planned to use them. Steber, 19, of Boston, has been charged with two counts of possession of a firearm on campus and one count of mass violence threats. , according to ABC. He was sentenced to detention without commitment until an assessment of his mental health status could be completed.

Steber had predicted violence since last December, prosecutors said, adding he had chosen the school because it is easier to get guns in North Carolina than in Massachusetts. He had studied past shootings, watched videos of them and planned to do his own Christmas, said the judge at a hearing on Wednesday. Steber's father left Massachusetts in time to attend the hearing of his son, who does not appear to have a criminal record, according to the AP. A plan depended on the presence of Steber and his roommate in a fraternity. If the roommate was accepted and Steber was not, said the police, he intended to kill his roommate and himself. The police chief of the city congratulated the students who reported Steber. "This is an example of how it was done well, where someone saw a concern and informed the authorities," he said. "We were able to act before anything could happen." (Read more about campus shooting stories.)

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