Study finds that irregular bedtime has a huge impact on children's behavior and development


Here's how to make your job easier, mom:

1. Fill your own cup first

As a parent, you always look after others. The whirlpool of worry, cooking, feeding, diaper changing, wiping of the nose, cleaning, planning, shopping, work and sleepless nights leaves you tired and exhausted. The cycle of constant care of the needs of others leaves no time for yours.

But you can not pour an empty cup. In reality, serving you first will allow you to better serve others. This is not selfish, it's just basic self-respect. Something you want your kids to learn, right?

So, find a way to make self-care a priority. The world can wait while you take a short break to go for a walk, read a book, indulge in a hobby that you love, do yoga, prepare healthy meals, or even have a fantastic nap.

2. Move

One of the most important ways to implement self-care is to do some exercise. I know, I know, you've heard it a million times already. "But I do not have the energy or the time, it's difficult, it's boring," we could say.

But that does not have to be so complicated. You do not need to spend hours a day, buy expensive equipment, sign up for a class, kill yourself as a boot camp or even go to the gym. gym (unless it's your choice, of course).

Move your body. Find something you really enjoy. Walk, dance or follow a simple workout plan at home in your living room. You will find it invigorating and will be surprised at all the wonderful things that it will do in your life, such as increasing energy and immunity, improving your sleep and even helping you think more clearly. Without forgetting that you will give an excellent example to follow for your children: double the victory!

3. Let the boredom ring

"I'm bored."

Two little words that each parent dreads to hear. This sentence plunges us into a frenzy of activities to do on Google, Pinterest snacks to prepare, local events to visit and DIY from tubes of toilet paper. Then, when our offspring decide that none of this is acceptable, we raise our hands and give them an extra hour on the screen.

Why do we think we need to entertain our children at all times?

Let them get bored.

Everyone experiences it. Nobody is ever dead. You do not need to protect your children.

There are actually all sorts of benefits to getting bored. Boredom promotes creativity. When a child feels nothing, his brain really starts to shoot. Bored thoughts lead to innovative thoughts, which is a good thing.

They will suggest something to do, no matter how many complaints occur first. If they really need help, create a list with which they can always come back. If that does not work, you can always make a list of household chores or ask them to help you clean up. Suddenly, everything becomes great fun!

If they still have tasks to do, how will they manage on their own? Constant attention can make them feel right all their lives. Let them start thinking for themselves.

Do not forget that learning to have fun contributes to the development of problem-solving skills, motivation and their own interests, thus contributing to healthy psychological development and a heightened sense of self-worth. .

Do not misunderstand me, I do not say to ignore your children. It's nice to spend time with them and do things with them, but it's just as good and even beneficial to let them fend for themselves sometimes.

Bonus: You could even save valuable time.

4. Give yourself a time out

Although you probably can not take a daily nap or give yourself frustrating moments in most situations, can give yourself some time when you need it at home. If you need a break, just go to another room and let yourself cool a little. Breathe. You will probably be more reasonable and collected when you return.

5. Help yourself to the hygge

Uh, what?

Hygge (pronounced hoo-gah) is a Danish term meaning "comfortable quality of comfort and conviviality that generates a sense of satisfaction or well-being". This is probably a factor that explains why Denmark is considered the happiest country in the world.

Unfortunately, in our fast-changing culture, relaxation can be considered laziness or underperformance. Silence your inner critic and anyone else you do not need opinion. Taking a break is not only nice, but necessary.

Just as adequate sleep is essential to overall health and functioning, a hygge mental rest can give you a feeling of freshness, joy and productivity, among others.

So have a good dose of hygiene as it suits you. Slow down to enjoy a cup of coffee or hot coffee, enjoy a family movie night, put on warm, fluffy slippers, listen to music, Netflix and relax, meet up with a friend, get together. you with friends, bake cookies and relax on the beach. … everything that makes you feel comfortable and comfortable. Try to make it a regular thing in your life. It's a way of life, not just an occasional thing.

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