Study: Forcing a smile at work related to heavy consumption of alcohol

Photo: Pixabay

One study indicates that employees who make themselves smile at work may drink more after work.

A team of researchers from Penn State and the University of Buffalo investigated the consumption patterns of people who work with the public or clients, such as food services and nursing.

"They found a connection between those who regularly falsified or amplified positive emotions, such as smiling, or suppressed negative emotions – by resisting the urge to roll their eyes, for example – and consuming more energy. alcohol after work, "says a press release on the results of the study.

Alicia Grandey, a professor of psychology at Penn State, says the findings suggest that employers may want to rethink their policies.

"Simulating and suppressing emotions in clients was related to drinking beyond work-related stress or feeling down," said Grandey. "It's not just the feeling of feeling bad that made them have a drink. Instead, the more they have to control their negative emotions at work, the less they are able to control their alcohol consumption after work. "

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