Study reveals that watching television for more than three hours a day can double the decline in memory among seniors


WAccording to new research, spending more than three hours of television a day doubling memory loss in the elderly. A study of 3,662 adults revealed a significant decrease in verbal memory capacity as television was watched.

Scientists used memory and fluency tests on the same cohort of people separated by six years.

They found that those who watched on average less than three hours of television a day showed a decline of about 4 to 5%, while those who tended to watch more than three hours a day averaged a decline of 8 to 10%.

The research team at University College London said they believed that the "alert but passive" nature of television could create cognitive stress that contributes to the decline of memory.

Older people who watch more television are also less likely to undertake activities known to preserve their mental functioning, such as reading, or interactive activities on screen, such as using the Internet or video games. .

"While watching television may also offer benefits such as the educational benefits of documentary projection and relaxation as a means of reducing stress, this suggests globally that adults over 50 should try to ensure that that television is balanced with other contrasting activities, "said Dr. Daisy Fancourt.

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