Subway excuses after the video seems to show a NC worker hitting and cursing a woman; woman says she's pursuing


CONCORD, N.C. – A video showing what appears to be a Concord Subway employee hitting a woman and then cursing her has become viral.

Tina Richardson told WSOC that she had bought the sandwich at the store located in the Village of Concord Parkway for an elderly woman she was taking care of.

But when she returned home, Richardson said that the sandwich was not what she had ordered.

She said that she went back to the store to request a refund.

Richardson said that it was at that time that a worker had the director who went out, cursed him and threw him the sandwich at the head.

She said that she did not want anyone to be treated like that.

"He does not have the right to treat anyone like that and he asks someone to go to Subway to treat people with respect and solve problems when you are wrong." That's what you're supposed to do, "said Richardson.

Richardson said that she plans to lay charges.

A spokesman for Subway said the franchise owner regretted his handling of the situation, saying "the local team has asked its guest to apologize on behalf of the restaurant because this incident is contrary the strict standards imposed by Subway on its franchise owners. "


"Providing an excellent customer experience is important to us and we expect everyone to be treated with respect. The local team asked the guest to apologize on behalf of the restaurant as this incident did not meet the strict standards imposed by Subway® franchise restaurants to its franchise owners. The owner of the franchise expressed regret for the way he handled the situation. "


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