Sugar is more likely to cause weight gain than high-fat foods, says new statement


Did the researchers find the culprit of weight gain? According to Business Insider, a number of recent studies attribute responsibility for sugar, not fat, which is logical given the recent rise – and success – of the ketogenic diet.

And if the news may surprise those who are accustomed to our low-fat food culture, that's true. Aaron Carroll, professor of pediatrics at the Indiana University School of Medicine, supports the theory in his book, The bad food Bible: how and why to eat sinfully. In fact, he insists that we have continually misplaced the criticism: "Fat consumption does not cause weight gain," he wrote. "On the contrary, it could help us lose a few pounds." You hear that, Jillian Michaels.

Although you must absolutely rethink your relationship with salmon, avocados and nuts, processed and refined carbohydrates do not get the same pass, hence the popularity of the keto! A journal published in a scientific journal The lancet compared 135,000 people with low fat and low carbohydrate diets, and it was found that those on a low fat diet were more likely to die, as in general. Seriously! "High carbohydrate intake was associated with a higher risk of total morality, while total fat and fat types were associated with lower overall morality," they concluded. "Total fat and fat types were not associated with cardiovascular mortality, myocardial infarction, or cardiovascular disease."

They even recommended reconsidering the global food guidelines. So, basically, fatty foods are an asset and carbs are always (unfortunately!) A no.

Of course, for all of us who jump on the keto train, beware. You will be completely blamed for the rising prices of the lawyer. Especially by me. In February, the the Wall Street newspaper reported on the crisis (yes, this justifies a "crisis"), revealing that high-fat foods such as butter, olive oil, salmon and avocados have increased by about 60% in the last six years. Which is frankly wild.

But I guess I would rather increase my toast budget before I die … so, maybe it's time to convert to keto?

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